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Premier Paranormal Researcher

Southern Paranormal Society NC 

The day started like many others for Billy Edwards when he just happened to run into James Britt. Seeing Billy's Southern Paranormal Society NC logo on his truck, James struck up a conversation, and so their paths aligned. Nine years later, they have conducted countless investigations, helped numerous families solve mysteries in their homes and lives, and successfully removed many dangerous energies from affected locations. With their combined life experiences, the two North Carolina men make a formidable team, motivated to seek, examine, and hunt for evidence and explanations thanks to their investigative spirit.


“Our mission is to help those who are being affected by activity that is considered paranormal or supernatural. To remain with our clients until the problem has been resolved. To bring our faith, compassion, and the best scientific equipment to a location. To discover the truth about activity or perceived activity on a case-by-case basis. Our mission is to never turn down a case no matter how small or large to assist our clients with their paranormal needs.”...

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