Semiannual Bestowals

Awarded by

American Paranormal Magazine

EIN 88-3547696

Our Semiannual Bestowals are our main contribution to paranormal investigators of merit and need within the community. Each year, American Paranormal Magazine grants cash awards to paranormal researchers to help further their investigative efforts.


No entry or purchase necessary.

The bestowal is open to organizations and sole-proprietorships.

The awardee(s) must be a) a registered nonprofit or b) offer their service or paranormal investigation to the community at no cost.

Past featured investigators and contributors will be given first consideration though other factors include but are not limited to: community involvement and withstanding, organization/individual mission, consistency, and goals. 

Award dates and frequency may change at the discretion of American Paranormal Magazine.

Awards may be distributed to more than one investigator or group, depending on total annual proceeds collected through donations and sales.

If you wish to contribute to the award, donations are accepted securely through Square here.