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Rave Reviews: Hear What Our Clients, Associates, and the Friends We've Made Along the Way Have to Say!

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Rick Garner, Unexplained Cases

Absolutely Wonderful

Unexplained Cases’s experience - as well as my own - with Kim and American Paranormal has been absolutely wonderful! She is a great communicator, solutions oriented, and her passion for the paranormal shows in every publication! Such a joy!

Carrie Pytlik, Paranormal Pulse

Kim is the best. She explains each step in the process of creating your article. She strives to make an article that you approve of. She replies to every email you send. She gives you the chance to write your story instead of her. This magazine is going to go far. 

Ben Stephenson, Central Utah Paranormal

So Professional

I have been lucky enough to have e a few articles written about me, but not one took the time the Kim did. She got to know me and my team like she had been side by side investigating with us. Incredibly credible articulate and professional! Love this magazine and being able to be a part of it! 🤘👻

Jordan Cline, Fireside Paranormal Podcast

Great magazine! Great content! Great leadership! There is something special about getting a paper copy you can actually get your hands on! Definitely worth checking out!

Chaz ofthedead

Fantastic publication! a great addition to any paranormal library.

JohnJohn Montelongo, Dark Explorers

Very good for the paranormal universe. Full of great stories from investigators and ppl who have lived in it...

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