Premier Paranormal Researcher

John Moore

Born on Canada’s east coast John was raised by a family of undertakers. His first brush with the paranormal came at the age of 8 when he saw his first full body apparition in the basement of the family funeral home.


At the age of 15 he again encountered a full body apparition at his family home. It was this encounter that ignited a passion and curiosity that still burns to this day. He has studied various areas of the paranormal from parapsychology to demonology and everything in between.


Over the years John has investigated numerous sites and hauntings across the Canadian east coast and beyond. Today he lives in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa where he is the founder and lead investigator for the Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations team using his years of experience in the field to help those in need dealing with suspected paranormal activity in their homes.

When not hunting the things that go bump in the night he splits his time between his family and day job as an auto mechanic as well as writing among other projects.

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