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Paranormal of Watertown

Founded in 2018, Paranormal of Watertown started off with three people and some basic equipment. In 2019, the team expanded to include a full team of investigators. In their mission, they visit the most haunted sites in the eastern United States and share their findings with the public. By better understanding the spirit world and how it interacts with the physical world, the team seeks to gain a deeper understanding of reality, and has become a premier paranormal research team in New York.

In and around its hometown, Paranormal of Watertown has investigated a wide range of locations, from the local historical museum to the Rhode Island farmhouse (Conjuring House) and numerous other places in between. It is their goal to bring to the community real, unedited, and unscripted evidence captured at these sites.

The team's investigations have included some of the most historically significant haunted sites in American history, particularly in New York.

Paranormal of Watertown's YouTube channel has over 2K subscribers and is steadily growing, with their Facebook Group surpassing 1.3K members thus far. Part of their mission is to help raise funds for well-deserved and much needed renovations of the fascinating, historical locations they investigate. They also encourage others in the paranormal community visit each of the 89 currently listed sites on the New York Haunted History Trail (

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Co-founder - Dan Davis, Jr.

Co-founder - Derek Shoemaker

Investigator - Amanda Shoemaker

Investigator/Photographer - Kristie Towles

Investigator - Jessica Brown

Investigator - Alyssa Leroux

Investigator - Brad Hartman

Investigator - Stanley Loomis

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