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Premier Paranormal Researcher

Northern Appalachian Paranormal Society (N.A.P.S.)

From famously haunted estates to the private homes of local families, Jay Blackburn and his team of premier paranormal researchers in Pennsylvania at Northern Appalachian Paranormal Society (commonly referred to as N.A.P.S.) are ready to research any metaphysical goings-on.


The 15-members of the group each have their own, unique style of conducting a paranormal investigation, thus creating a well-rounded approach. Armed with essential tech like thermal imaging, Jay and the crew have been on many successful investigations. N.A.P.S. is quite active, and regularly visit the very paranormally-charged Haunted Hill View Manor, formerly known as The Lawrence County Home for the Aged in New Castle, PA, USA.

Other team members include Judi Danser, the second lead investigator, who works alongside her daughter, Kari Danser, a psychic and co-leader. Zack Johnson is the team's Case Manager.


Jay's vision for the group is to help homeowners and businessowners understand the paranormal activity going on in their location, even if that means disproving it with a more natural explanation, rather than a supernatural one.

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Jay Blackburn - Lead Investigator

Kari Danser - Co-Lead Investigator and Psychic

Judi Danser - 2nd Lead Investigator

Zack Johnson - Case Manager

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