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Premier Paranormal Researcher

John John
and Dark Explorers Paranormal

The documentation of paranormal experiences is vital to helping us understand the unexplained events that affect humans on a daily basis. Using his keen photographer's perspective, John tells his clients' stories in a unique and visually profound way. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words.

There is something supernatural at work in this photo, which even attacked the kids involved in the case. Shadow figures, disembodied voices, Night Terrors, mental and physical draining are just a few of the events reported. During this case, a fellow investigator was so negatively affected that he had to be abruptly flown back home. John and his associate Father Rueben stayed behind to see the case through to completion.

One of the Premier Paranormal Researchers and Photographers in Texas, Dark Explorer, Urban Explorer, and Paranormal Investigator John John Montelongo has documented what is arguably some of the most chilling paranormal events in the Lone Star State.

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