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AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society

Originally from NJ, Vinnie’s first investigation took place in 1978, assisting a family tormented by paranormal activity. Then, prior to founding AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society in 2012 with wife, Pam, Vinnie joined a few paranormal groups to meet people and research locations in the state he now calls home, Arizona. While his own interest was helping people, he found himself surrounded by the sensationalism of “ghost hunting” and thrill-seeking. His core team eventually emerged after years of weeding out numerous candidates.

The goal at AZPIRS is to offer clients some clarity or a direction to follow by finding answers to their questions. All members of the team have experienced paranormal activity personally. Because they have lived it, they understand.

Using both science and intuition, the team includes believers as well as skeptics, which allows them to offer a unique perspective. The investigators maintain objectivity throughout the investigation and are not influenced by what is claimed.

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