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Demonic Folklorist Victoria Jaye

About Demonic Folklorist and Premier Paranormal Researcher Victoria Jaye:


"I received my Master’s from Utah State University in folklore in 2021 from writing my thesis on demonic phenomena. I created a classification system designed to organize things that could happen in the presence of the demonic. It’s called “In the Presence of Evil: Demonic Perception Narratives” and is available through the USU Digital 

Commons. I am a supernatural folklorist overall (because if it’s spooky whatsoever, I’m already interested), but I specialize in demonic phenomena, narratives, and experiences. At the time of writing it, I believed I’d had possession experience with a demon; my research yielded that it was not a demon at all.


I’m currently writing about demons, folklore, and horror movies online as a guest contributor on other sites and on my own website, I can’t call myself a demonologist because I neither walk into those spaces with malicious entities nor do I investigate old languages/documents; I look at people’s experiences and give advice/information. I openly believe in the demonic as well as other types of spirits because of my experiences with them. Currently, I am psychic in that I am clairaudient, claircognizant, clairsentient, geomantic, have a little bit of psychometry (from photographs), the tiniest edge of mind-reading, and mediumship. I want to clarify that not everyone who is interested in the paranormal has psychic abilities; this seems to be a connection most people assume when the supernatural is simply fascinating, which is the real draw to being an investigator/researcher. I just happen to be psychic, as well."

Read her article, Is It A Demon? Advice From A Demonic Folkloristhere.

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