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Author Keith Evans

Introducing Author Keith Evans, premier paranormal researcher in Florida, USA.


"My first memories of the Paranormal was as a four-year-old empath, who was feeling the joy that the decorative wooden Wainscoting had brought passed relatives. I did not understand why the rest of my family could not appreciate the thoughts and feelings, that the glossy wooden grain seemed to be sharing with me. I learn as a child, that it was best to keep my thoughts, feeling, and discoveries about the Paranormal to myself. I know of few individuals, young or old, that could appreciate the Paranormal, the way that I appreciated the Paranormal. As a child, teenager, and young adult, I carried out primitive Paranormal Research by myself, without telling anyone. I was in fear of the harsh criticism that always met me when I showed any interest in the Paranormal. In the neighborhood that I lived in, no one believed in Ghosts and or Spirits, and they felt that anyone who did was crazy.

I cleverly begged my parents to stop by the old abandon Farm Houses, so I could explore them. I always felt the pasted owners pleading with me to buy the Farm House and save it. I felt that the past owners, who had put their life into building a working farm, just to watch, as a Ghost and or Spirit, their beloved Farm House going to waste! I did not dare tell my parents what I was thinking and or feeling! As a child I had never heard of the word empath."

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