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The host with the most, Jordan Cline, covers an extensive variety of topics with the help of his distinguished, engaging guests, with new shows released on Mondays.

Jordan made his debut in broadcasting in 2008 on a paranormal radio show and podcast called Whispers Radio on which he had the opportunity to have conversations with some of the leaders and legends in the paranormal field including paranormal pioneers such as Lorraine Warren and actor Ernie Hudson, Stanton Friedman, Mark Nesbitt, Frank Feschino Jr., Kathleen Marden and many others. With his newest project, Fireside Paranormal Podcast, Jordan and his wife/sometimes co-host, Sarah, aim to take those fascinating interviews and open the door to an opportunity for more personal stories from his listeners. He is convinced that everyone has a story to tell.

Ultimately, his goal is to let those stories be heard. Though some may not “believe” in the topic, the guest does, and passionately so, making each episode all the more enthralling! They believe they have seen or heard something and that experience is very real to them. As a premier paranormal podcasters in the USA, Jordan and Fireside Paranormal highlight all aspects of the paranormal with Ghosts, Aliens, Cryptids, and the Unknown. Curiosity is a driving force behind this show. It is also why he loves to end the show with “Don’t be afraid. Only believe.”

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