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Types of Hauntings: What Exactly Are You Facing?

The fear of the unknown is one of the most common phobias we have. The word “haunt” evokes images of spooky houses and creepy crawlies to creep us out. But what exactly is a haunting? Do you know that there are different kinds of hauntings? This article will help you understand what a true haunting is, and how you can deal with one or avoid them in your home.

What Is A Haunting?

A haunting occurs when a person experiences a sense of a presence in an empty house or other building. Various factors such as a strong belief in the supernatural, stress, physical illness and other factors can cause a person to experience a haunting. A haunting is different from a ghost or spirit as it is the experience of a presence, not the presence itself. Hauntings are most common in large homes, which may explain the origin of the spooky feeling. The feeling does not always happen at night, and it is not always a negative feeling. Many people experience the sense of a presence for a variety of reasons. This can be the result of stress, or it can be a psychological response to a strong belief in the supernatural.

Types of hauntings

People may experience a variety of types of hauntings, including restless ghosts, noises, shadows, poltergeist activity, and more. A restless ghost is a person who died in a house but refuses to move on. They may be trapped in the building and may appear as a blurry figure or even a light. Poltergeist activity is the direct result of an unhappy spirit interacting with a living person. It may include banging noises, breaking objects, and other types of chaos.

Why Do People Claim to Experience Hauntings?

Like many other eerie experiences, a haunting may begin as a psychological response to stress. You may be under a great deal of pressure when the haunting starts and your brain becomes “wired” to think that something is there. Psychologists can explain this phenomenon by way of the “chilling out” theory. Many people believe that when you are under a great deal of stress, your body can react by generating a state of high anxiety. This stress may manifest itself in physical symptoms like headaches and physical ailments such as backaches. If this is your experience, the only way to deal with it is to relax and let your body return to normal. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and food that is high in sugar and salt, which can increase your anxiety. You can also try to engage in activities that help you to calm down and let go of your stress. This can include exercise, meditation, or quiet hobbies.

Tips for Dealing With a Haunting

- Talk to your partner or loved ones. If you have doubts about whether your experience is real or just in your head, get another person to confirm your feeling. - Keep a journal. Write down what you experience and what you think caused it. This will help you to trace the haunting and to better understand the experience. - If you feel that something might be wrong with your home, go to the doctor. You may be experiencing some form of physical illness or stress that is causing the haunting. - If you suspect that a spirit is trying to communicate with you, write down what it says. If you feel that your feelings are genuine, there is a chance that the spirit is trying to communicate with you. - If you feel that a spirit is haunting you, try to speak with it. There may be a reason that you think that the spirit is there. - Try to stay positive. A person who is constantly worried or fearful will experience more stress and anxiety. This may cause a haunting to occur. - Never try to deal with a haunting yourself. Hauntings are best handled by competent professionals. - Be patient. If you want to get rid of the haunting, you will need to be patient and let the professionals handle the situation.


Hauntings can be frightening experiences, but they don’t have to be a sign of a supernatural presence. They can be a natural phenomena that is occurring due to a number of factors, including high levels of stress. If you are experiencing a haunting, try to relax and let your body return to normal. If you feel that a spirit is trying to communicate with you, try to write down what it says. If you feel that your feelings are genuine, there is a chance that the spirit is trying to communicate with you.

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