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The Warlocks of Chiloé Island

Warning: It gets gruesome.

Chiloé is the amalgamation of traditional art, intricate folklore, myths and legends. In addition to its green rolling hills, rugged coastline, and independent people, the island has for many years been known as the home of warlocks, witchcraft, and black magic.

Located just off the coast of the South American country of Chile, in the Los Lagos Region at the southern tip of the country, lies a place called the Chiloé Archipelago, which in the native #Huilliche language means "seagull place". Its rugged terrain and treacherous seas made it a cursed place to the ancient Incas, who believed it was plagued with demons, spirits, and monsters.

Chiloé's most mysterious inhabitants were known as the Brujo de Chiloé or Brujo Chilote, meaning the "Warlocks of Chile," and the source of their witchcraft is attributed to a legendary battle between Basque navigator José de Moraleda y Montero and Huilliche machi Chillpila, who defeated #Moraleda and obtained a book of European magic as his prize.

According to legend, these warlocks sailed around in a large ghost ship called the #Caleuche, which could appear and disappear at will, travel underwater, and contain a crew of drowned sailors. Certain magical items can be found in their possession to aid them in their sinister endeavors. Among these were a magical waistcoat called a macuñ, which allowed the brujo to fly, and emitted a luminescence for illumination at night. Small live lizards strapped against the skin of their foreheads with a bandana were said to provide the brujos access to great stores of knowledge, the ability to transform into various animals, and the ability to open any lock. They used magical stones to cast powerful spells. With these magical items and more, combined with their knowledge of magic, the warlocks are nearly unstoppable. Most misfortunes are attributed to them.

They call themselves La Recta Provincia (The Righteous Province) and they don't deny eating the flesh of children, stealing the skins of the dead, and attacking with #Sajaduras, slashing and cutting an enemy, astrally. They also demand tributes from the scared people of the island. All things considered, they are a #wizard mafia.

Naturally, this has attracted the attention of local government which began rounding up known warlocks to be tried back in 1880. During this trial, accused #brujo Mateo Coñuecar, gave a fascinating account of monsters, murders, and magic.

“The family of the deceased must guard the grave for three days after a death or the wizards will dig up the corpse and steal the skin to make a coat for flying.”

-Juan Espinosa

According to him, #warlocks were expected to prove themselves as initiates before they could claim full warlock status. These initiations consisted of horrifying tasks and tests, such as staying in freezing water for 15 days to wash away their baptisms, and even killing someone dear to them as well as pledging allegiance to the devil while running naked around the island. As part of this initiation, each was asked to make a macuñ waistcoat and a spell book from the skin of a dead virgin, another dead sorcerer, or a loved one, with the whole ceremony being concluded by a feast of baby flesh.

Located within an underground cavern system lit by torches fashioned from human fat, the clan of warlocks guarded the secret passages with the help of two supernatural monsters: A goat-like beast called the #Chivato, and a pig-like creature with a scorpion's tail called the Invunche. His description of how to turn a human baby into an #Invunche, twisted, warped, and deformed through black magic and arcane rituals, was gruesome to say the least.

Weakened, but not extinguished, this cult’s legacy remains on the island to this day, where belief in brujos and black magic is still powerful. For those living here, the sorcerers and their vile creatures are just as real as ever, and their mythology and beliefs are heavily influenced by them. They continue to live in fear of the brujos, and the island continues to be a beautiful and fascinating place. Demons, magic, and warlocks still lurk in these dark forests, and mystical forces not only exist but also prevail.

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