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The Haunted Masonic Temple in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit's #Masonic Temple is one of Michigan's Most #Haunted Places. With its secret rooms, labyrinth-like layout, and so many rituals shrouded in mystery, it certainly feels like it.

There are over a thousand rooms, secret passageways, hidden staircases and even ghosts in this 1912 construction marvel.

Legend has it that George D. Mason, the architect and financier of the Masonic #Temple, was overboard in funding the building, resulting in bankruptcy and his wife leaving him. In his despair, Mason jumped from the Masonic Temple's roof to his death.

It is common for employees to hear his ghost climbing the stairs to the roof, and visitors often feel watched at the Temple.

Among Detroit's most haunted places, the Masonic Temple always comes up...and is considered by some as one of the state's Top Ten haunted places.

You can find it at 500 Temple Street in downtown #Detroit.

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