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The Donkey Lady of Elm Creek, Texas

Donkey Lady of Elm Creek

The tale of the Donkey Lady is likely one of the scariest, goriest and yet saddest tales to come out of Southern #Texas. Whether the tale is true or not, the fact is many have been frightened by the Donkey Lady, and many have had their car damaged by the Donkey Lady or the Donkey itself.

The story goes, there is a family that lives deep in the woods. A poor family, barely surviving with what they have. One day a man and his child come along riding a horse, and it is said that the son proceeded to taunt the family's only, beloved farm Donkey. The boy threw rocks at the Donkey and even hit it with a stick. The Donkey, to protect itself, did the only thing it knew that it could do, it nipped at the son of the wealthy man on the horse.

This enraged the man on the horse, and he jumped down and began beating the Donkey mercilessly, by whatever means he could.

The family, inside the cabin, heard their animal braying, crying in pain. They knew that the Donkey was in dire need of help and ran out the door to defend their animal. They yelled and began to throw rocks at the man who was whipping their Donkey so brutally. They hit the man a few times and as he began to back off the Donkey, he began swearing at the couple and telling them that they would pay for this. He vowed to get even with them.

That evening, while the couple sat inside their cabin, the wealthy man led a group of men to the farm, who silently began to light the cabin on fire with their torches, also standing guard to prevent anyone from escaping their fiery doom.

The fear and panic began to build to extreme heights inside the cabin. The man decided he would take a chance and run through the front door to distract the men so that his wife and children could sneak out. The man had barely stepped through the open door before being gunned down. This prevented the woman and her children from escaping.

The screams, the cries could be heard a mile away towards town. Suddenly, through the window this figure came flying towards the men. They became terrified when laying eyes upon this thing. Her skin, although completely charred, was still on fire. Her once lovely face had melted, elongated and hideous.

Her clothing was burned off, and her skin was now charred to a crisp. As the men watched, this pitiful figure flew past them and towards the river. As she reached the edge she let out a wail that would never leave the ears and minds of those men, and she jumped into the water. The men followed behind her quickly, for they were not about to let her live. They reached the bridge and peered over but there was no sign of her, no sign of her body at all. The body was never found despite the extensive searching that took place over the following days.

To this day, if you dare to visit the bridge area at night, or if you are courageous enough to walk the now paved path, you may hear the Donkey braying, crying in pain. I do advise that you leave your car parked far away however, as folks have reported damage to their vehicles caused by #phantom hooves.

What will really make your hair stand on end is the other sounds you just might hear as you walk along. You may hear the screams of a broken mother, a terrified wife and a woman in anguish and agony.

Donkey Lady of Elm Creek, Texas

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