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Premier Paranormal Researchers Tucson Ghost Company

Perhaps one of the most fascinating things about Arizona is that there is no shortage of hauntings and paranormal activities guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Visit a haunted hotel, a ghost walk, or a ghost town as you travel through the state from north to south. Dark historical events like The Apache Wars fought between the US Army and various Apache tribes throughout 1849 and 1886 make the area ripe for unrest, and Tucson itself is home to some of the most haunted places in America.

Tucson Ghost Society (TGS) founders Becky Mckiddy-Gydesen & Will Gydesen are arguably Arizona's most knowledgeable ghost hunters and expert witnesses on Arizona haunts and haunted history, especially in Tucson. The husband-wife team bought the Tucson Ghost Tour rights in 2013 and now run a business offering tours, hunts, and special events alongside the TGS team. Paranormal research is not just a hobby for them, it's their lifestyle.

After growing up in a haunted house, living later in a haunted apartment, and experiencing paranormal experiences for most of her life, Becky is on a quest to investigate the paranormal. After buying Tucson Ghost Tour, everything fell into place like it was meant to be. She joined a team, but it disbanded, so she made her own (Tucson Ghost Society (TGS)). Additional team members include Lead Investigator Aubrey, Manager Mayela, Command Center Manager Debi, and two investigators-in-training: Mitch and Greg. They operate with pure intentions to better the field of paranormal research with their own contributions and are refreshingly humble. "There are no experts in this field, but there are those that do understand it better and take it more seriously."

TGS does not employ psychic mediums to avoid any possible evidence contamination or being misled by emotions. Their investigative methods are dogmatically scientific, and they take pride in strict confidentiality and respect for clients and spirits alike. They also encourage potential clients to be wary of teams who jump to paranormal conclusions, as oftentimes there is a more natural explanation than the supernatural.

Becky is now the host of the Everything Under the Moon podcast, discussing as the name implies a grand assortment of paranormal topics. When she isn't producing the podcast or conducting investigations free of charge with Tucson Ghost Society, she and her husband Will are operating and further developing their expanding Tucson Ghost Company with the help of their daughters Aubrey, Savannah, and Bailey. The company offers historical walking tours of downtown for those who appreciate a paranormal experience that's not only fun but educational. In addition, they offer the Tucson Ghost Experience, an immersive ghost hunting experience for ages 12 and up. Participants get to use ghost hunting equipment during a 2-hour lockdown in a known haunted location, and the venue is even handicap accessible.

Visit for more information on Becky, TGS, and their contributions to their community. You can also follow them on social media and subscribe to their YouTube channel: Facebook @tucsonghostsociety, Twitter @tucsonghost, Instagram @tucsonghostco, and TikTok @tucsonghostco.

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