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Premier Paranormal Researchers Truth and Life Paranormal

Founded in 2015 by Tyler Hilt in Phoenix, AZ, Truth and Life Paranormal has been devoted to the investigation of paranormal phenomena. However, this wasn't when Tyler got his start in the subject. Many people don't know what the team's name means. In John 14:6, Jesus says, "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.". This verse reminds Tyler of his beliefs and who he turns to for guidance. He came to Christianity because of his interest in the paranormal. He does not let his beliefs on the spiritual world stop him when it is time to be unbiased and investigate as there are answers to be found.

Their goal is not just to investigate hauntings, but to bring attention to a controversial field and educate society about it. Even though so many people believe in the existence of discarnate beings, mainstream society has always been skeptical of this. This is especially true in the United States, where any claims of activity are usually ignored. It is precisely because of hoaxes on the rise and people mistaking explained occurrences for paranormal activity that it is rejected. It is the goal of Truth and Life Paranormal to separate fiction from fact.

Researching with an open mind is essential for this field to progress. Not everything will be paranormal, so rational explanations are key. By doing so, concise and concrete evidence will be captured if and when the activity occurs.

The team doesn't try and prove whether these discarnate beings are demonic in nature or human spirits, as that is more challenging to prove. What is needed to progress in the field before determining what these "spiritual" beings may be is proof and evidence. Their team exists because of so many paranormal claims and misconceptions. This is why they strive to educate others and bring more awareness to the subject.

Tyler has a deep passion for the field and wants to make a difference in it. Using YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and their website to get their work out, he uses the internet to his advantage. While videos are essential to bring awareness to this field, they are not the point. There is more to be done.

By writing deep analyses of their investigations and bringing their findings to the public, they are attempting to make an impact. Reviewing and critiquing this information can help move the field forward. We may never know what is going on out there in the world regarding this paranormal phenomenon. However, using the equipment available today to try and capture paranormal activity in action is imperative at this stage. Hopefully, other generations will look back on the work done by teams like Truth and Life Paranormal and hopefully understand what is happening in the world. Science books could be changed if we can prove there is something else out there. It's exciting.

Tyler got his start in the paranormal as a teenager. Growing up, he never experienced anything paranormal, but something attracted him to it. When his older sister and her friends would explore the Paranormal, he would hear about their experiences. Especially memorable is the time his sister and her friend did a séance in her friend's basement. They both saw a shadow of a man watching them from the stairs.

These stories intrigued Tyler and he wanted to learn more. After researching online and through books, he set out to investigate the current theories in the field. He has investigated many places where paranormal activity has been reported heavily including the Whaley House, Pioneer Saloon, and Gila County Jail. His experiences include strange moans, voices that come out of nowhere, and slamming doors. While this is unexplainable and not necessarily paranormal, he hopes to educate and hopefully capture more specific and concrete evidence on camera to bring more awareness to the possibilities. He uses a skeptical approach to all investigations in order to separate fact from fiction and hopes to write books on the subject as he conducts more research.

Matthew Tisnado joined Truth and Life Paranormal in 2017. Paranormal activity was common to Matthew as a child. Naturally, his mother would dismiss the claims. As an ex-cemetery worker, he has experienced paranormal activity in cemeteries, where he has heard unexplained voices and laughter from children, for starters. Since he has been through so many of these experiences, he wanted to join a movement to see what's going on in the world. Due to the time and small town he was from in Arizona, he was always self-conscious about talking about his paranormal encounters. Back then, people were not as open-minded about the paranormal as they are today, and he didn't want to be judged. By joining Truth and Life Paranormal, he hopes to contribute to the paranormal field based on his many unexplained experiences.

Truth and Life Paranormal have consistently active social media accounts for those interested in video documentation of some of allegedly haunted locations. They upload their very real investigations to YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram.

You can also reach them via email for more information about their research at

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