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Premier Paranormal Researchers: The Warren Legacy Foundation

Lorraine Warren, Ed Warren, Warren Legacy

Paranormal Legacy: Carrying on the Warren Tradition

If there's one name that has become synonymous with the world of paranormal investigations, it's undoubtedly Ed and Lorraine Warren. These legendary figures were not just pioneers in the field, but heroes to many seeking solace in a world plagued by the unexplained. Now, their extraordinary legacy lives on through their dedicated grandson, Chris, who has taken up the mantle. With the help of his grandmother, before her passing, they both formed "The Warren Legacy Foundation for Paranormal Research." But this is no ordinary team of investigators;; they are an unparalleled group of paranormal social workers, educators, and researchers, driven by compassion and a quest for knowledge. I had the privilege of delving into their extraordinary journey to uncover the truth about the unseen world and the enduring lessons they strive to impart upon us all. Ed & Lorraine: The Grandparents We All Wish For Behind every legend are the everyday people who shaped them. For Chris, Ed and Lorraine Warren were not just the renowned paranormal investigators the world knew; they were simply his beloved grandparents. Amid their controversial careers, they carried an unwavering desire to help people and combat the paranormal stigma. Ed's penchant for practical jokes was matched only by his unyielding stubbornness, while Lorraine's compassionate nature and unparalleled psychic abilities touched the lives of many. But beyond their fame, they taught Chris a crucial lesson: to drop everything for those in need, a virtue he proudly carries forward.

Carrying the Torch: Chris's Personal Journey into the Unknown

Chris's own journey into the paranormal realm began at a tender age. Locked accidentally in his grandparents' museum at the age of three, he developed a fear of the dark that persisted until he faced it head-on on his first paranormal case with his grandfather at sixteen. As he matured through the tumultuous '60s and '70s, his grandparents gained notoriety, but with it came judgment. Nevertheless, Chris joined them on lecture tours, witnessing firsthand his grandmother's awe-inspiring psychic abilities. Despite all the wonders he's seen, skepticism remains his compass, seeking evidence to bolster his beliefs. From talk shows to lecture circuits, he was known as "the kid with ghost hunting grandparents." However, it was after the release of the Conjuring film that the floodgates opened, and The Warren Legacy Foundation was born, fulfilling Ed and Lorraine's mission on a global scale.

A Noble Mission: Deciphering the Mysteries of the Unknown

The Warren Legacy Foundation has set forth several noble goals. First and foremost, they are committed to serving people troubled by the paranormal, acting as paranormal social workers, ensuring all who seek their help receive it freely and confidentially. Education follows closely, as the entire crew believes understanding can dispel fear and misconceptions. Unlike fame-seeking thrill-chasers, the foundation seeks to educate a new generation of ethical researchers who prioritize doing no harm in their pursuits. The Warren Files, their illuminating podcast, further enlightens curious minds.

A Supportive Haven: Nurturing Psychic Abilities

Continuing Lorraine's legacy of nurturing psychics, the foundation provides online support groups for those seeking guidance in handling their abilities. Chris's belief in empowering individuals extends beyond the paranormal; he hopes to liberate people from fear, creating a spiritual and paranormal education center in Colombia, a beacon for those seeking knowledge and enlightenment.

A Tragic Tale: Maurice Theriault's Impact

Among their countless cases, one stands out for its lasting impact—the heart-wrenching tale of Maurice Theriault, whose life was ensnared in tragedy and possession. While exorcism freed him temporarily, the deeper issues remained unaddressed, leading to a devastating outcome. This harrowing experience taught those impacted and who bore witness the paramount importance of understanding underlying vulnerabilities while tackling the paranormal.

A Global Network of Compassionate Researchers

The foundation boasts over 100 passionate members, each committed to helping those in need across continents. The Warren Legacy Foundation is supported by an exceptional team of regional directors, managers, and administrators who tirelessly contribute to its mission.

Joe Franke holds the position of Chairman of the Board and Chief Investigating Officer, also leading the Northeast US. He has a remarkable history, spending over 30 years training under the Warrens as one of their original students. Throughout the decades, Joe has diligently expanded his knowledge of the occult, paranormal phenomena, becoming an extraordinary source of information and guidance for the foundation's members.

The foundation's managers, Stephanie Elgaydi, Jeff Schlachter, and Bill Slevin, hold important roles above the regional directors and contribute significantly to the foundation's smooth functioning through their tireless dedication, wisdom, and professionalism. Stephanie is a dedicated individual with a passion for helping people, and her lifetime of encounters and spiritual experiences has shaped her understanding of the paranormal. She skillfully uses these experiences and her exceptional client care skills to guide and bring understanding to others. Jeff Schlachter is responsible for the Midwest US region, embarking on his paranormal journey in 2016 and gaining extensive experience in the field. He devotes every free moment to researching, investigating, and assisting clients with their paranormal troubles and fears. Jeff's commitment extends to creating educational videos for investigators and others on equipment usage and best investigating practices. Bill Slevin leads the Southeast US Region, boasting 35 years of experience in the paranormal field and an unyielding desire to further the knowledge in this domain. Bill dedicates his time to helping people find answers to their paranormal problems and actively engages in educating the public through lectures at conventions, schools, libraries, and various events across the country.

Leila Olivarri, Tammy Raydon, and Jen Rose are the administrators who play pivotal roles in keeping the foundation organized and ensuring smooth operations. Leila leads the Southern US region and serves as the lead administrative professional, bringing her experience as an investigator and researcher since her teenage years. Her passion drives her to continuously learn about the paranormal to assist those in need. Tammy is a gifted psychic medium, certified reiki master, and crystal enthusiast, providing classes on intuition, crystals, and demonstrating her seasoned skills as a paranormal investigator. Jen Rose, an intuitive spiritual medium and certified Usui Reiki master, has studied under esteemed mediums like Martin Twycross and Cindy Kaza.

Stefanie Treadway leads the Western and West Coast regions of the US, possessing extraordinary talents as a psychic medium honed by a lifetime of paranormal experiences. These experiences have made her an extremely skilled paranormal researcher and investigator.

Father Ken Torres oversees the foundation's Spanish language division, serving all Spanish-speaking countries worldwide. A U.S. Marine Veteran with honorable service, Father Ken has over 15 years of experience in the paranormal field, alongside knowledge of the Occult and Demonology.

Christian Camilo Piedrahita Montoya serves as Latin America's Director, an Independent Lutheran Archbishop in Colombia. He brings extensive knowledge and experience as a Demonologist, Angeologist, exorcist, alternative, and spiritual healer.

Cleo Tibbitts-Williams is an expert in paranormal and academic knowledge, offering her expertise to Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. As an experienced witch, priestess, and initiate of the Mysteries, she uses her psychic and empathic abilities to help families with paranormal experiences.

Lana Grabinski leads the United Kingdom and Europe, showcasing her artistic and mediumship talents. With over 30 years of experience as a psychic artist, Lana combines her love for art and spirituality, further enhanced by 17 years of investigating experience.

Francois Dube serves as the Canadian regional director, employing his talents as a pianist, musical director, composer, and orchestra conductor to assist people seeking explanations or help with paranormal matters.

The foundation's growth and functioning would not be possible without the contributions of its talented and knowledgeable assistant regional directors. Nick Snider, Tammy Raydon, Stephanie Elgaydi, Nate Banker, Kimberly Trent, Kimberley Lendrum, Monica Comacho Sanabria, Jose Miguel Vilar Morell, Zayra Serrano Cavas, Julio Lopez, and Nicholas Rodriguez devote countless hours to assist clients and aid in the expansion of the foundation. Their tireless efforts do not go unnoticed.

In summary, the Warren Legacy Foundation is upheld by an extraordinary collective of individuals, whose unwavering dedication propels their noble mission forward, leaving an indelible impact on the world of paranormal research and assistance. "If I am proud of anything in this world, it is watching these wonderful people work together for the benefit of others. I know my grandparents are incredibly proud of them as well." Chris says. Embracing the Future: A World of Possibilities The Warren Legacy Foundation's future is nothing short of extraordinary. Documentaries and series are in the works to amplify their reach and inspire others. Chris is penning a revealing book that chronicles his four-decade-long odyssey in the paranormal realm. The spiritual and paranormal education center in Colombia will open doors to seekers of truth, forging new paths toward enlightenment.

Heed the Call: Seeking Help from The Warren Legacy Foundation

For those in need, don't hesitate to reach out. Contact them through their website, their Facebook page at, or via email at The foundation also hosts Spanish-language support groups and serves as a pillar of guidance for psychics worldwide. Embrace the paranormal world, dispel fear, and seek knowledge with The Warren Legacy Foundation as your unwavering ally.

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