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Premier Paranormal Researchers The Unknown Paranormal

Vancouver, British Columbia

Even though British Columbia has only been a province for 152 years, there is no shortage of ghostly tales and haunted places to visit in this beautiful province. As a matter of fact, it has been referred to as the most haunted province in Canada. Although there is no way of proving such a claim, British Columbia is abounded with tales of strange happenings and the paranormal. Whether it be ghosts from a distant past, or ghosts from today's present, there are inexplicable phenomena everywhere you turn in BC. Many legends are familiar to many, and a number of accounts have only been heard by a few people to date.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and led by Lead Investigator Mike Vieira, The Unknown Paranormal is a nonprofit organization that is small but fierce in its research, nevertheless. Through the use of a variety of electronic devices and auto recorders, the team of three researchers investigates reports about possible haunted locations in British Columbia and the surrounding areas, conducts interviews, and collects evidence that supports the existence of paranormal activity. Joining Mike in this quest are his fellow investigators: Team Coordinator, Christie Taylor, and Digital Creator, Phil Taylor.

Without proper support, paranormal beliefs and experiences can often be marginalized, making it difficult for those who experience unexplained phenomena to accept and express them. In the absence of social support, some people keep their paranormal beliefs and experiences private. Groups such as The Unknown Paranormal help followers and clients lessen fear of spirits, loss of loved ones, and acceptance of their beliefs and experiences without negativity.

The trio thoroughly enjoys conducting interviews with locals and owners, finding out the history and truth behind the locations they investigate, and providing support to those in need. Some of their most notable research has taken place at locations such as the Port Coquitlam Municipal Cemetery (Coquitlam, BC), the Irving House in New Westminster, BC, and Riverview Hospital in Coquitlam, BC. There was a time when the Irving house, built in 1865, served as the home of Captain Irving and his family. In the master bedroom, witnesses report strange noises, shivering walls, voices, and a strange indentation that appears on the bed. Since this was the bed in which Captain Irving died, it is believed his ghost visits and leaves this imprint. Former patients and staff members are said to haunt Riverview Hospital, despite its closure in 2012. Voices, shadow figures, footsteps, mysterious lights, and objects that move by themselves have all been observed by witnesses. Others have reported being poked, touched, or feeling like something unseen was watching them.

The Unknown Paranormal team has been steadily gaining recognition in the field. They've been featured on podcasts such as Hidden In The Shadows, and they are building an impressive collection of evidence, some of which can be seen on their website and social media profiles, if client confidentiality measures permit. In addition, they collect haunted items and reimburse owners of these items for the cost of shipping them.

The Unknown Paranormal crew will take you on a journey as they set out to find the truth behind all things paranormal and unravel the mystery behind them. Visit their website at or follow them on Instagram @theunknownparanormal, TikTok @unknownparanormalbc, Facebook @theunknownparanormalbc and YouTube @theunknownparanormal9702. You can also reach out to them at +1 778-835-4993 or via email:

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