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Premier Paranormal Researchers The Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society (HAPS)

Known for its paranormal activity and unexplained happenings, Pennsylvania has a history dating back to the early 1600s. The state has long been known for supernatural events and strange creatures like the Jersey Devil and has been the home of some of the most famous hauntings and sightings in the world. Teams like the Harrisburg Area Paranormal Society (HAPS) research and investigate these paranormal occurrences to give our readers and their followers and community an insight into the local unknown and unexplained.

As a member of the TAPS Family, HAPS has represented Pennsylvania since its inception. It was founded in 2006 by John Curley and Don Frank who first met in 2000 via an online meetup. At the beginning, the duo conducted small investigations together on the Gettysburg Battlefield. From there, they realized that they wanted to do more than just investigate the battlefield and wanted to support people and families with their paranormal problems in Pennsylvania. In order to begin getting legitimate cases and helping people with these paranormal problems, they decided to create a website and promote themselves. By creating a website and spreading the word about their services, they were able to get in touch with people who needed help with paranormal activity. This allowed them to expand their business and help more people with their paranormal concerns.

As Ghost Hunters first aired on Syfy around this time, requests for assistance began to increase quickly and cases began to pile up much faster than expected. It was soon apparent that they needed to recruit more members. Membership grew and HAPS became a legitimate paranormal team attracting attention far and wide. They were soon contacted by Animal Planet to be on the television show "The Haunted" to discuss a case they did in Duncannon, Pennsylvania, resulting in the episode titled “The Bloody Man”. This opportunity led to the team being contacted by the TAPS family to become TAPS family members and help investigate claims of paranormal activity throughout Pennsylvania.

HAPS has since solidified its place in the paranormal community and the team has appeared on many podcasts and news programs and in magazine articles. They

have also been featured on Ghost Nation with Jason Hawes and his crew and have filmed a documentary at Moundsville penitentiary with a Belgium film crew and one of their top celebrities in Belgium, Jani Kazaltzis. Now with seven members, HAPS has traveled the East Coast in its mission to help those in need of answers and relief. Founder John states “Not all cases have a happy ending like the television shows”, and he recently collaborated on a book with Anna Maria Manalo called "The Unholy Structure" based on actual events that occurred in one of the team's most prolific cases to date.

"We start out all of our investigations with a preliminary inspection a week to two weeks ahead of time, record our interview with the client and get their claims of activity. We then take baseline readings throughout the home for comparison during the actual investigation. Additionally, we check for any faulty wiring, foul smells, or other things that could be related to paranormal activity before we set a date for the investigation." HAPS sets up as many recording devices as possible throughout the location, also doing temperature, radiation, and EMF readings, and EVP sessions. Evidence review can take weeks, and the team is mindful of all possible natural explanations, debunking as much evidence as necessary.

John conducted one of his most memorable investigations at the home of a doctor in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania who reported encounters with a black figure, among other paranormal events. It turned out that the doctor worked at the old Harrisburg Hospital where he would have also encountered the black figure regularly, and where John had photographed the same black figure 15 years earlier in the same operating room where the doctor used to perform some of his work.

HAPS's greatest strength is perhaps its kindness, caring, and honesty when dealing with clients. It is dedicated to creating meaningful and respectful relationships with those it works with, fostering trust and providing the absolute highest possible service. The team holds educational lectures and community events and offers its assistance to the community free of charge. Their number one priority is to provide peace of mind. "HAPS has been there for our family through three investigations," say clients Dean and Julie M., "They are a wonderful group and we would highly recommend them to anyone with a paranormal experience." The team puts its values into practice, working above and beyond to ensure that clients are treated with the utmost care and respect. They strive to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can feel comfortable discussing their paranormal needs and concerns. Going forward, HAPS is doubling down on its research into precisely how spirits are able to communicate via EVP. It is also continuing its podcast, The Paranormal Journal Podcast, which can be found on PodBean.

For more information on HAPS and their work, visit them at and follow them on Facebook @Harrisburg-Area-Paranormal-Society. You can also send inquiries to

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