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Premier Paranormal Researchers: The Ghostly Players Paranormal Team (GPPT)


Wisconsin is home to a variety of paranormal phenomena, from mysterious lights in the sky to reports of hauntings and other supernatural activity. The state has even been the subject of several books and documentaries exploring these strange occurrences. The Badger State is also home to The Ghostly Players Paranormal Team (GPPT), founded by Alona Havel in 2016 and born of a passion for the paranormal.

It all began with a call to action on Facebook. "I had investigated the paranormal when I lived in previous cities; however, I had never performed an investigation in Appleton, WI," explains Alona. "I simply asked the question to the Facebook world “Does anyone want to do a paranormal investigation with me in August at The Greenville Station?” Lo and behold, a lot of people came out of the woodwork and wanted to attend, whether to experience ghostly phenomena or to simply see what the Ghost TV shows have been talking about." Four of those interested were chosen, and the team has since grown to 12 members, mainly based in Fox Valley (with one member in Florida).

GPPT is dedicated to researching paranormal phenomena throughout the state and providing educational resources for the public. In light of the members' theatrical backgrounds, the team name is an apt play on words. Alona (founder, case manager, and lead investigator) is joined by her fellow paranormal enthusiasts and musical theater players: Kris (lead investigator and evidence review specialist), Connie (investigator and research specialist), Kelly (investigator and travel specialist), Tonie (investigator, tech specialist, and social media specialist), Brad (investigator, tech specialist, and social media specialist) and Kim (investigator, equipment specialist, and adventure specialist). They are also supported by back-up investigators Sam, Jennifer, Ellen, Laura and Carly as needed.

With regard to investigations, the GPPT is always planning for the future, striving to visit as many reportedly haunted places as possible throughout the Midwest and hope to some day make it to some of the nation's most famous locations like The Sallie House, Alcatraz, The Stanley Hotel, The Randolph County Infirmary, Bobby Mackey’s Music World, and so on. "Along with investigations, our goal is always to evolve our equipment. As with anything when you are trying to debunk or prove that the paranormal exists, equipment must continuously be changing, adapting, evolving," Alona adds. With a growing community outreach, the team volunteers for various community events and held their first public seminar in October of 2022, showcasing some of their finest evidence. In the words of The Criminologist in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, "I would like, if I may, to take you on a strange journey." This journey is one of discovery and exploration, as the team continues to research and investigate the paranormal. With each new experience and investigation, they learn more about the existence of the paranormal and its potential. As they gain knowledge and understanding, they are also able to refine their equipment and techniques to better understand paranormal phenomena.

Find out more about The Ghostly Players Paranormal Team by visiting them on Facebook @theghostlyplayers, Instagram @theghostlyplayers, TikTok @the_ghostly_players, and YouTube @theghostlyplayersparanorma1006, or visit their website, While you're at it, check out their appearance on the Mostly Ghostly podcast, where the team discusses its origins, paranormal experiences, and much more.

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