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Premier Paranormal Researchers: The Demon Folklorist Victoria Jaye

Demon Folklorist

The Demon Folklorist, guided by Victoria Jaye, brings together her three fervent interests: horror movies, folklore, and demons. With a foundation in folklore studies and a deep fascination with horror cinema, she skillfully dissects these genres for her audience. Victoria's academic journey culminated in a thesis on categorizing demonic phenomena, equipping her to analyze both well-known and emerging cases that captivate the public's imagination. Moreover, she shares her knowledge to help individuals recognize encounters with demons.

Alongside her inquisitive feline companion, Salem, Victoria explores the enigmatic realms of demons, horror films, and folklore through her blog. Her research centers on the intricate fabric of demonic experiences, narratives, and phenomena. It's important to note that while Victoria is a leading authority in this field, she makes it clear that she does not perform exorcisms. For spiritual guidance, she advises consulting qualified professionals. Her expertise lies in furnishing invaluable information to those seeking it.

For a deeper dive into the world of demons, horror, and folklore, visit her website at and listen to her podcast at .

Demon Podcast

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