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Premier Paranormal Researchers Team Haunt Paranormal (THP)

Whatever your belief in the supernatural, there is no doubt that Washington is home to some seriously spooky places, regardless of whether you believe or not. As a state with such a rich history as Washington's, it comes as no surprise to find some sort of paranormal activity occurring all throughout the Evergreen State. Washington State and the Pacific Northwest in general are steeped in rich, often haunted history.

Locals Team Haunt Paranormal (THP) pride themselves on their professionalism and enjoy bringing an element of humor to each ghost hunt. They have a deep appreciation for science, locations, history, owners, groundskeepers, and even the "spirits" themselves. The team is interested in learning, looking at, and exploring a variety of locations, including private residences, bars, old churches, historic monuments, theaters, museums, and archaeological sites. As a paranormal investigation team, THP is particularly enthusiastic about opportunities to document less well-known haunted locations that have not yet been thoroughly studied by other paranormal investigators. THP is always on the lookout for a capture that is clearly unexplained, and the group investigates locations reported to have poltergeist activity or apparitions upon request. Despite the group's love of investigating hot spots, their favorite investigations are often those of locations that haven't yet been well documented and haven't received the attention they deserve. The team prioritizes a location when there is a strong rumor and multiple witnesses of activity at the location that has not already been properly investigated.

Founded in the northern part of Washington state, THP has been investigating paranormal phenomena for nearly nine years, under the guidance of Chelsi Marie and with a crew of friends and family members. For the vast majority of investigations, she is joined by her niece Tally D'aigle and her boyfriend Ben Alevizos. A primary objective of their investigation process is to obtain information from entities and spirits regarding what is occurring, in a sort of paranormal interview session. The team is also enthusiastic about the multiverse, commonly engaging in philosophical discussions on their journeys together, thinking, sharing, and laughing until the early hours of many mornings.

Some of their most notable investigations have taken place at Antique Warehouse in Snohomish, Washington, the Port Susan Camping Club in Weallup Lake, Washington, and the old Idaho State Penitentiary in Boise, Idaho. The team experienced inexplicable electrical disturbances at the Port Susan Camping Club, with lights turning off and on by themselves, sudden temperature changes, and a disembodied scream originating right between two team members. The bathroom was especially active, and one guest investigator was so frightened by the night's events that he refused to leave the couch on which he had situated himself. A skeptical park ranger even witnessed his own disturbing activity!

But the Idaho State Penitentiary ranks as their scariest investigation thus far. There is an ominous echo in every single hall, cell, room, walkway, and courtyard. Before the team even started the investigation, members could feel the heaviness as they set up gear. With 5 acres of prison to cover, they carefully set up "stand alone" gear to monitor places they would be unable to reach, along with motion sensors, single cameras, and a REM pod bear. The night started with doors opening and closing on their own. One of these areas was the 1800's building which had been used initially to house women prisoners, then later, men. There had been a gruesome suicide with an inmate on death row diving headfirst into the floor. This building never had electricity installed, and there is no Wi-Fi. Therefore, it seemed the logical location to leave the REM pod bear which wound up setting off over 50 times that night, often pairing with the sound of disembodied footsteps and periodically firing off in tandem with the motion sensor placed in the garden. One of those times, the garden cam appears to have captured an apparition in the background. THP found the entire location fascinating and are excited to continue reviewing footage and hope to release a full-length episode sometime early 2023.

The team's videos are gaining widespread attention with several upcoming episodes scheduled for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. The Team at large are horror movie enthusiasts, and are beginning to write "horror shorts", mini horror movies that will begin to release on our channels for fun, starting mid-2023.

To learn more about their research and view their videos, visit THP's website at, subscribe to their YouTube channel @teamhauntparanormal3511, or follow them on Facebook @teamhauntparanormal and TikTok @teamhauntparanormal.

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