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Unquestionably, New York is known worldwide for its flashy New York City, its picturesque Adirondack and Catskill mountains, the magnificent Niagara Falls, and peaceful beaches in the Great Lakes Region. However, there is also an abundance of ghostly landmarks and a plethora of hauntings that are mostly unheard of. A shadowy side to New York State can be found for those who seek it, and for those who do not.

A Rochester, NY-based paranormal investigation team called Spiritwalkers Paranormal Association (SPA) specializes in a variety of paranormal investigations including private homes, business, and historical locations. The team is made up of two passionate members, Shawn, and Bonnie with decades of in-depth and frontline experience. SPA, an unincorporated nonprofit organization was founded with the mission of furthering the understanding of the paranormal, by utilizing accepted investigation methodologies, collecting data, and sharing evidence to further promote the study and awareness of the paranormal field.

SPA was founded in 2015 with the goals of offering assistance and support to those experiencing paranormal phenomena. Growing up, both Shawn and Bonnie experienced paranormal phenomena and understand firsthand, what it was like to be targeted by the paranormal. “Our goal as a paranormal team is of course to help our client understand the what and why they are experiencing paranormal activity but we also focus on helping the energy or ghost if you will, that is causing the haunting so that is can also find peace”. The two of them are aware that dealing with the paranormal can be quite frightening, especially for those who have never dealt with it before. They also understand the extreme or hazardous nature of some cases.

Meeting the team: Bonnie, Lead investigator and the Empath of the team, is a trained victims advocate. Her caring and compassion come through when dealing with clients. She rapidly builds rapport with clients, and they open up to her, which aids the team in determining whether the case is paranormal or whether there is another explanation.

Founder and Lead Investigator Shawn is a third-generation psychic medium and an ordained minister. Shawn, a Spiritualist, has spent many years in Lilydale NY studying with renowned and respected mediums, as well as world-renowned psychics Thomas John and Lisa Williams. Shawn also serves as a volunteer with Find Me Group, a non-profit organization that aids in the search for missing people and provides evidence to assist in the investigation of crimes throughout the world and runs a group called HOPE (Helping Other with Psychic Evidence) out of the Purple Door Soul Source located in Rochester, N.Y. that assist the local community in missing person cases.

SPA also assists many other paranormal teams in the Upstate N.Y. area. With both Bonnie and Shawn’s natural abilities and Shawn being versed in Occult studies, they are called upon to assist on the most difficult cases.

Although SPA focuses on private investigations, a few of SPA's favorite enigmatic locations to investigate have been the Wildwood Sanitarium in Salamanca, NY, the Haunted Bergen House (Bergen, NY), and the Palmyra Historical Museum.

The Wildwood Sanitarium has been many things during its lifetime, but its most recent reputation has been one of active paranormal activity and is where Shawn had one of his most profound experiences as a medium. The Haunted Bergen house is located on the Bergen Swamp, a 2,000-acre swamp that is over 10,000 years old. The home has been owned by the same family for over 50 years and the paranormal activity started from the day they moved in. The activity at the home is so intense that mediums has stated that they will never go back to the home.

The Palmyra Historical Museum, located in Palmyra NY, has a rich history of hauntings within its 2 buildings. Collecting historical items from the community, the 23-room museum never disappoints. In addition, the Phelps general store that closed it doors in the1940 is a time capsule as everything was left in the store when it closed. Oh, and yes, it is haunted with one of the most well knows spirits Holly, who loves to interact with the female visitors.

Additionally, SPA performs house blessings and location cleansings and is available to address groups and speak at events about their experiences with the paranormal for the benefit of the community.

To learn more about SpiritWalkers Paranormal Association, visit , subscribe to their YouTube channel @spiritwalkersparanormal3326, or follow them on Facebook @SpiritWalkersParanormal and Instagram @rocspiritwaIkers.

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