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Premier Paranormal Researchers SPIRIT Alabama

SPIRIT Alabama was founded in 2019 by Terri Wilson with support from Big Daddy and Father K. Stone after discovering that previous teams failed to meet their standards for evidence gathering and investigation. In order to focus solely on paranormal phenomena analysis, Terri formed her own team and recruited like-minded individuals. The acronym SPIRIT stands for Scientific Paranormal Inspection Research Investigation Team. Through her investigative work on more than 25 unique cases across multiple states, Terri has left clients in awe.

SPIRIT is committed to respecting all philosophies, religions, and belief systems, believing that a healthy relationship with clients depends on respect for the deceased. Due to their location in Alabama, they understand the stigma associated with this work and are willing to provide complete discretion.

Public events and investigations are hosted by SPIRIT at sites such as Graceland Manor of Alabama and Kymulga Grist Mill historical area and campground in Childersburg, Alabama, where they will be holding an event on October 14th with the help of manager Ron Smith and David Cartwright.

Outside of public events, SPIRIT offers its paranormal investigative services free of charge. With hard work and dedication, they help clients find answers to their questions pertaining to the paranormal.

SPIRIT began a new Junior SPIRIT league for younger paranormal enthusiasts, which aims to teach children the importance of technique and integrity in paranormal research. The Junior team currently consists of SPIRIT team children and grandchildren.

A practicing witch, Terri is no stranger to things outside the norm, but she doesn't shy away from labeling pseudo-evidence just what it is. Early on in her investigative career, she earned the moniker of “Debunking Bitch from Hell” due to her quick wit when it came to deconstructing false evidence.

Unable to find home in a team that met her own standards of research, she created what is now the Scientific Paranormal Inspection Research Investigation Team with the help of her good friend and Registered Nurse, Stella, who brings her valuable medical skills to the team. SPIRIT Paranormal Network, and co-founded the Skeleton Key Network on Facebook. Her hope is to help normalize the paranormal and promote the acceptance of communicating with our deceased loved ones and other departed souls.

As a 15-year breast cancer survivor, Terri takes nothing for granted, especially her husband of 38 years, Len, her daughters, Jessica and Stevie, and grandchildren. Her granddaughter, Savannah, became the first member of the new Junior SPIRIT team along with the children of team members Jess Beauregard, Tiffani Goulet, and Kathrine Sorilos.

Terri is a devoted 5th-year student of witchcraft, taking classes under Mitchell Hagood at Books, Beans, and Candles Metaphysical Shoppe in Birmingham, AL.

As a teen, Jess Beauregard had her first paranormal experience with a haunted object: a metal bedframe pulled from an old family home. Her newfound curiosity spurred a keen interest in horror movies and at the age of 20, she became a practicing witch.

By chance or fate, Jess became part of the SPIRIT family after tagging along on an investigation. Jess began co-hosting Alabama Skeleton Key with Terri which quickly grew into the Skeleton Key Network. The interest from the paranormal community soon begat its expansion into the Spirit Paranormal Network. Unable to divulge many details of their investigations for the privacy of their clients, their women-owned show evolved into a discussion platform for being a witch in the South. Jess is a devoted wife and mom to two children, and her family occupies a paranormally active home on family land.

Tiffani Goulet, also known as Twiz, is an original member of SPIRIT. A mother of three, she has many talents. When needed, Tiffani hosts Skeleton Key Network. She also organizes the aforementioned Junior SPIRIT Team like a paranormal Scout Leader!

Esteemed member J. Thomas Holland, Esq., aka "Tom", has been involved as an onlooker and investigator for over 10 years participating in over 30 investigations. Tom has a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, a Master of Science in Industrial Management and a Law degree. Tom is a former Air Force pilot with over 4000 flight hours. Tom has been retired since 2017. Tom is a valuable SPIRIT team member as its legal advisor for contracts and waivers at public events and private client investigations. Tom resides in Atlanta, Georgia but travels all over the world investigating.

Newest SPIRIT member Kathrine is a world-Renowned practicing Psychic and Physical Trance Medium-Channeler of over 25 years. Kathrine studied closely at the age of 11 Psychodynamics at a Life Programming Center where she was taught: Remote Viewing, Telepathy, Psychometry, Psychokinesis, Self-Hypnosis, Mind over Matter and Astral Projection. She is also an Ordained Minister, a Parapsychologist, a Demonologist, a Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Psychic Advisor, and a Reiki Master Teacher. She is also a Spiritual Healer; she does Remote Viewing, Psychometry, Clairvoyance, and Dream Interpretation, Tarot Reading, and Oracle Reading. She is the Founder of Oracle Whispers, a Psychic Trance Medium, Executive Metaphysical Director for S.P.I.R.I.T. Alabama, Podcast Host for Oracle Whisperer on Skeleton Key Network, and Former Chair for the Metaphysical Committee for the World’s Largest Ghost Hunt in 2021. She was a Psychic Trance Medium and Paranormal Investigator for another Greek team in Greece from 2014 - 2018.

She has spent multiple years in the Paranormal Field as an investigator and Researcher. She has also appeared many times on National Greek Television, Vice Netwix and numerous Radio Shows explaining about the Paranormal, our Psychic / Medium Abilities and Ghost Hauntings.

Through her years of experience in the paranormal field she has encountered quite a few different cases even personally, where a lot of paranormal phenomena were present along with different types of dark energies and spirits. With human spirits she feels and sees physically their last moments and how they died which does have an impact on her both physically and emotionally as it happens with many Psychics and Mediums. She uses her abilities and gifts to assist paranormal cases and missing persons cases worldwide. She shares her knowledge and experiences and assists different age groups with their psychic / spiritual abilities on how to protect, ground themselves and develop them, through teaching, counselling, and spiritual advice. She also educates the public through live videos on how to activate and work with their abilities. Kathrine offers private psychic, mediumship and spiritual readings, different spiritual healings, and cleansings. She also helps in missing people’s cases using Psychometry with objects, photos, and Remote Viewing. Her Eclectic Witchy side helps her create her own herbs, oils, incense, and candles for protection, blessing, cleansings, Crystal Scrying and Healing.

Dr. Robin Swanson, a licensed Chiropractic Physician and Executive Director of the Midwest Chapter of SPIRIT, has taken a hiatus from her chiropractic practice to pursue witchcraft and research of the paranormal. Her interest in the paranormal dates back to childhood. Her belief in things unseen by most prompted her to research the paranormal. Her main focus is literally right in her own backyard. Her She-Shop will be one of the locations for the World's largest ghost hunt. Inquisitive nature and experience with scientific experimentation make her an asset to the Spirit team. Her goals include expanding Spirit by establishing teams to investigate more locations in Iowa and its neighboring states. Additionally, she plans to continue podcasting and meeting other paranormal investigators to expand her knowledge. Discovering new things with others is what Dr. Swanson loves most. It's what made her a successful instructor at Palmer College of Chiropractic and now with paranormal podcasts.

Empress J is a talented lady and an original, founding member of SPIRIT. Her work with SPIRIT is intuitive and spiritual cleansing. Having this ability as an energy reader is a huge asset to the team when it comes to cleansings. As a result, SPIRIT relies heavily on J in residential cases as her special gifts provide peace of mind to worried clients. She has her own podcast on various platforms, and her shows feature free live energy readings for her viewers.

Jesse and Heather Hipps, the "Paranormal Couple" are new witches and new members of the SPIRIT team. Originally urban explorers (Urbex Past Masters on YouTube), the duo encountered the paranormal by chance while shooting a video for their channel, catching something unexplained on camera. Their approach to investigating is practical, cautious, and they refrain from sensationalism. Both empaths, Heather feels and sees, while Jesse feels and hears.

Andie Nolan is an investigator as well as a lifelong empath and an Army Reserves vet who grew up with a dad that was active duty Army. She's always had a passion for the unknown, craves knowledge, and loves to find out how things work. Andie is excited to see more people acknowledging the spirit world and with every investigation comes a new adventure.

Among the remaining members of the group are Brian James of Spokane, WA, a newly appointed team lead for the upcoming Northwest Division, Amanda and Jeff of the Midwest Executive team in Iowa, and "Thalassa" along with her partner "Befunge", who require anonymity. Thalassa is the team's Astrology consultant while Befunge handles IT and web design.

Find out more about SPIRIT by visiting them at

SPIRIT on Instagram, (Skeleton Key) Instagram, (Group) Facebook, (2nd Group) Facebook.

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