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Premier Paranormal Researchers Southern Ascension

Coming from the hollers of Mississippi, married couple Caden and Allisa Mask are no strangers to the supernatural. Since childhood, both have had strange encounters that ultimately guided them into the paranormal field. Over the years, the duo has dedicated themselves to become familiar with all that the universe may throw their way. Their love for helping goes much farther than typical hauntings. The two have been studying religions, practices, addiction counseling, folklore, and protection so that they can have a post care for their clientele from all walks of life. With Allisa’s gifts and Caden’s correctional background, they have successfully aided in criminal cases, loved one connection, dream walking, astral projection assistance, and personal growth meditations.

Before Southern Ascension was founded in 2019, Caden and Allisa co-founded another team, Death Stalkers Paranormal, in 2017. Being rookies during the DSP stage, the two became obsessed with learning all they could about hauntings. Each had several mentors in a variety of practices or specialties. Allisa focused more on adapting and enhancing her mediumship and astral projection abilities. Her abilities went beyond the known psychic abilities known as the “clairs”, as she discovered she could dream walk; the ability to access someone’s dreams or subconsciousness to acquire information. Caden focused on learning how to classifying types of hauntings, elemental beings, cryptids, protection work, and coming up with experiments to push the limits on both the living and the spiritual beings. At this time, Caden had tried to tap into his own abilities, but was unsuccessful. They filmed two episodes of a docuseries with Six Shooter Studios named Death Stalkers Paranormal for two haunted locations. As people tend to do, at the beginning of 2019, Caden and Allisa felt it was time for them to step away from their six-person team, and go on their own journey to test their knowledge and abilities alone.

March 2019, Southern Ascension was born. Consisting of just the two, they poured their heart and souls into the field. For the next year, the two had performed solely, or assisted other teams with over one hundred clients dealing with a wide range of high strangeness or with personal healing. As nicknames arose, the two flourished in the field and quickly gained notoriety with their protection work, readings, experiments that pushed boundaries, and podcast appearances. Priding themselves on helping other teams, Caden and Allisa even held classes and courses involving meditation, cord cutting, protection work, and trauma healing. All of this, free of charge! The crow became their trademark logo; thus, Southern Ascension’s fan base soon adapted the saying, “Welcome to the murder!”. To say all this is not them being boastful. It’s a setup for the next chapter, because continuous pouring into one cup, it will inevitably overflow and create a mess.

April 2020, Southern Ascension went on a four-month hiatus. During this time, Caden and Allisa rebranded themselves as well as the page. The continuous going, teaching, traveling, and learning quickly burned them out and proved they were not meant for the volume of clients and cases they had been taking on. The reveal of the new Southern Ascension was riddled with mixed emotions from both the hosts and fans. Unveiling a severely reduced schedule, absent of tarot readings and loved one connection, the two announced their new point of interests. With a clearer calling, the duo explained their focus on other avenues, and that they would primarily take the more extreme cases that most teams may feel unequipped or inexperienced to tackle. This was not because they thought they were better, but they realized 90% of clients they encountered, were not having true paranormal activity. Not only did Southern Ascension have a new look and code of conduct, they also added a Northern Chapter in Ohio, Northern Ascension Paranormal. A group made up of two different couples; Brian and Dawn Jenner, Megan Holland and Kevin Patrick.

Today, Southern Ascension, as Caden says, “works within the shadows.” Appearing only when needed for other teams and the extreme cases for clients. After several years of trying, they finally gained their way into sponsoring and hosting paranormal events out of The Coliseum Theatre in Caden’s hometown. In December 2022, they debut their bi-weekly podcast Twisted Ascensions on WLTK-DB radio where they talk about investigations, addiction, trauma healing, and a host of other topics as a married couple. Northern Ascension remains as the “fantastic four”, but Southern Ascension has added another investigator, Aleasha Dennis, and case manager, Brandi Gann. The couple still takes some private clients, but both have agreed that each other’s focuses should be journeyed and invested in. Allisa is still growing her mediumship and astral abilities, but her focus is now toward mental health, trauma healing, and addiction recovery. Caden’s curiosity has move toward exploring cave systems for cryptids, inner Earth, craft practices, and controlling his own newly found abilities. Continuing to help other teams and individuals free of charge, their “expertise” is commonly requested for video and photography analysis or experiments to try for a more personal spiritual encounter. Their investigation methods range from basic paranormal equipment, to extreme experiments that some may deem unorthodox. Both are known for teaching people to “stop limiting yourself. Whatever boundaries you have for dealing with the paranormal, push them! Push yourself into uncomfortable situations safely. Face your fears!” When asked about learning the paranormal, they both will smile and say, “Never stop learning. When you think you know it all, you don’t. Learning is like going to the library. Never gather knowledge from one book. Instead, venture throughout the whole building and absorb it all.”

Some of Southern Ascensions biggest cases, come from the most infamous. Their favorite haunted to location to visit is the Monroe house located in Hartford City Indiana. Dubbed the Devil House, House of Evil, and Hell House, Caden and Allisa’s most profound, painful, and exhilarating evidence/experiences came from Monroe. From paranormal stabbings, to talking with what called itself a “Soul Collector”, the house never disappoints the two, and the owners are always so gracious and kind. Another favorite of theirs is Wildwood Sanitorium in New York. A location historically known for its healing energy; the house is a go to for Southern and Northern Ascension to get together for some incredible encounters that included the team skeptics having their first paranormal encounter. Speaking on private clients, the duo filmed, interviewed, and pitched a series on the famous Chad and Alta Dillard abduction case. Better known as “Orbducted in the French Quarter,” Chad and Alta’s prolonged experience with high strangeness not only opened up the doorways for Caden and Allisa to have their very first UFO encounter, but also connected very vivid life parallels between Caden and Chad and Allisa and Alta.

For now, Southern Ascension plans to stay on their path of continued knowledge and helping. Building up a reputation for the The Coliseum Theatre to bring in private investigations is one of their major projects at the moment. Hoping their sponsoring grows, they want to eventually work on getting more haunted locations in North Mississippi on board with Southern Ascension hosting paranormal investigations to bring in revenue for these historical buildings. Their new podcast, Twisted Ascensions, has a goofy, laid-back vibe to spread their knowledge on various paranormal and nonparanormal topics and allow others to showcase their experiences and opinions. Finally, they will remain doing charity work, cancer fundraisers, haunted rides, and ubering for the community during emergency situations with their off-roading club 45 South Offroad. I guess the only way to end this, is by their own words. “Love and light murder. May God bless you, may the Gods be with you!”

Find out more about Southern Ascension by visiting them on Facebook @southernascension or reach out to them at

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