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Premier Paranormal Researchers Sean Flynn and Scaredy Cat Paranormal Investigations

New Jersey and the surrounding region are chock full of paranormal sites to see. From haunted hotels to abandoned prisons, there are plenty of spooky spots to explore. Many of these sites have a long history of supernatural activity, making them all the more compelling for paranormal enthusiasts such as Sean P. Flynn, lead investigator at Scaredy Cat Paranormal, based in North Jersey. North Jersey is home to many of the most well-known and active paranormal sites in the state. From the infamous Shades of Death Road to the haunted Clinton Road, there are plenty of places to explore and investigate the paranormal. Whether you are a novice or an experienced paranormal investigator like Sean, North Jersey has something for everyone.

Sean launched Scaredy Cat Paranormal during the pandemic in October of 2020. He chose to explore the known haunted locations in his area rather than staying indoors like the rest of the population. His interest in unraveling the mystery of life after death was sparked during the 1990s when his parents' broken door bell rang the night his grandfather passed away, and he has no intention of giving up. His approach to investigating focuses on more compassionate attempts at communication with the departed. Rather than the obnoxiously standard line of factual questioning like "How did you die?" he wants his group of investigators to ask questions like "How are you?" and "What was life like back then?" The group's motto is, after all, "Listen To Their Stories". "Spirits are people, too, but they are just in a different form," Sean explains. "The world of the paranormal is an endless road of knowledge and mystery."

Research at Scaredy Cat Paranormal involves investigating the history of the location where the investigation is conducted. "I’m always cross-referencing many sites to make sure I’m not missing anything informative," Sean says. "Even before we investigate I like to check out the area before we begin so I can get a better feel for where to start." There are many factors that contribute to paranormal activity. It’s sort of like a recipe. A location needs certain ingredients for spiritual energy to become active. For example, a haunted location might contain certain electromagnetic fields, certain types of energy, or certain types of people who possess a connection to the spiritual realm. All of these things can combine to create an environment where paranormal activity is more likely to occur. In addition, Sean studies skeptics' writings so that he can rule out certain supernatural explanations in favor of more natural ones. "It’s better to not catch anything spiritual rather than saying one did just for the sake of it," he asserts. It's advisable not to have any expectations when entering an investigation. Sometimes spirits are not very active, so it's important to be patient and wait for something to happen. This can be difficult when you're expecting to experience something paranormal, but it's necessary to remain objective and investigate logically. In the end, safety is what matters most.

Letchworth Village in Thiells, New York has been one of Sean's favorite locations to investigate and experiment with. Letchworth was a mental health facility that opened in 1911 and closed in 1996. Like so many similar hospitals of that time, this hospital was doomed by overcrowding and treatment of patients. Here, Sean has heard growling in the basement along with other negative happenings in the area, affecting not only his equipment but also his intuition. He advises, "For those who are starting out as investigators, one has to understand that a negative entity can and will mask itself as a good entity to gain one's trust and attach themselves to you." In his investigations at Letchworth Village, he himself has had to avoid this trap. Even though he has had a number of "close calls," his passion for investigating persists, and he is often rewarded like when, for instance, he captured the spirit of a Pilgrim woman in a photo using his digital Canon camera in an old burial ground in Chatham, Massachusetts.

Sean's goals for Scaredy Cat Paranormal include becoming more involved with historic districts. Sean believes that the knowledge of the past can help to explain the present, and he hopes to use his findings to help preserve old structures and sites by showing just how valuable they are. In May of this year, the group will be returning to investigate a 355-year-old tavern in Rockland County. He emphasizes, "Always respect the locations that we love to investigate so future generations of paranormal enthusiasts can enjoy and preserve history." By studying and understanding the history of these sites, we can learn more about the world we live in today and also help to ensure that these important buildings and locations are preserved for future generations. This research also has the potential to provide insight into the paranormal phenomena that we may not have been able to understand before.

You can follow Sean and the Scaredy Cat Paranormal happenings on Facebook & Instagram @ghostcowboy248 and on YouTube @scaredycatparanormal3431.

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