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Premier Paranormal Researchers San Marcos Area Paranormal Society

Embedded in the historic town of

San Marcos, Texas lies stories of

those who have died but cling to the

life they once had. Legends of

paranormal happenings all across

the Lone Star State abound. For

thousands of years, San Marcos,

Texas has been inhabited by both

the living and the otherworldly.

From folklore and hearsay to

hauntings and unexplained

occurrences, you don’t have to look

very far for someone with a spooky

tale or experience to share.

SMAPS (San Marcos Area

Paranormal Society) was founded in

the spring of 2014 by Frank

Gonzales, his wife Norma, and his

sister Irma Gonzales. The San Marcos Area Paranormal Society (SMAPS) team possesses all of the attributes necessary to excel in the investigation and research of the area’s peculiar and supernatural events: experience, determination, unwavering curiosity, and

a thirst for truth. Having grown up in a home where paranormal activity was prevalent, Frank

and his family decided to investigate and document their experiences on Facebook. In due

course, people began to send them messages requesting that they investigate claims of

paranormal activity in their home or business. Due to the increasing number of requests, an

office was opened in town and new members were recruited.

The team members include a medium, empaths, and technicians who maintain all the

equipment. In the majority of cases, the most difficult part about the activity is not knowing

what is causing it or what to do about it. SMAPS has observed that people in the community begin to open up and share what unexplained events are happening

to them once they discover there is a local paranormal team to support them. Otherwise, they typically refrain from talking about it because of their fear of being ridiculed. After a bit of education about how energies work, how to use different types of sages and crystals, and how to ground themselves, SMAPS' clients feel more at ease with their situation and are better equipped to take more control of their lives.

SMAPS provides its services free of charge and makes the investigation process as stress-free as possible. Clients are initially briefed on the methods and equipment that the team will utilize during the investigation and provided with an itinerary for the process. Once

the investigation has been wrapped up and reviewed, team members will consult with the client(s) regarding their findings and proposed solutions. Removing haunted objects from the home and performing cleansings are just a couple of examples of how SMAPS may bring about a resolution to a paranormal event.

Aside from helping residential and private clients, SMAPS also conducts investigations at

notable haunted "hot spots" like the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas. The Menger Hotel

is one of Texas' most famous and oldest hotels, listed on the National Register of Historic

Places. There are several ghosts said to live in the hotel today, which continues to cater to

travelers. The hotel was opened by William Menger in 1859, on the site of Menger’s

brewery, the first brewery in Texas. Among its notable guests were Sam Houston, Generals

Robert Lee and Ulysses S. Grant, and Presidents McKinley, Taft, Eisenhower, and

Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, and Mae West. Some 32 ghostly entities are said to reside at or regularly visit the historic Menger Hotel. Their pleasant behavior suggests that they aren't bothered by sharing the old hotel with the living!

The SMAPS team has also conducted research in theaters, libraries, wineries, and Bed and Breakfasts. They have hosted local events including National Paranormal Day and host a booth at the San Antonio Paranormal Fest (held every September) as well as a Trunk or Treat display at local schools for the children. This team has been featured in the local newspaper, a local magazine, the university newspaper, and a television station in Austin. One of the team’s video clips from an investigation has been . used in the show Strange Curiosity produced by Brad Klinge. It has also been used in the public television program Strange Town presented by Austin PBS.

By attending and hosting more public events in the future, the members hope to further

promote the paranormal field and to promote it to a wider audience. The SMAPS team

recognizes the importance of bonding with their local community and sharing everything

they know and do with those who may not normally get involved in the paranormal field,

even if they are familiar with it. The team also intends to collaborate with other teams for

the purpose of events and educational functions, which will further the field of research as

a whole.

For more information, email SMAPS at or follow them on Facebook @sanmarcosareaparanormalsociety, Instagram @smparanormal. And subscribe to their YouTube channel @sanmarcosareaparanormalsoc2992.

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