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Premier Paranormal Researchers Paranormal Pulse

The history of the land now known

as Utah can be traced back to the

age of dinosaurs. There are

numerous spectacular geological

features within its borders that

make it one of the world's most

picturesque regions. However, there

are also enough ghost stories and

strange phenomena to keep you on

the edge of your seat.

Under the leadership of Carrie

Pytlik and Cordell Measells (and

with the support of several other

dedicated paranormal researchers),

the Paranormal Pulse team has been

working hard to unravel some of the

mysteries associated with the

Beehive State. Dissatisfied with the trajectory of her original investigation team, Carrie, Cordell, and some of their colleagues decided to start over and create a new, more dedicated paranormal team. And so, Paranormal Pulse was born in 2009. As a result, Paranormal Pulse quickly gained a highly regarded reputation, and Carrie was able to take advantage of many opportunities that were otherwise unavailable to other teams.

The Pulse team takes a scientific approach to studying the paranormal. The organization uses a massive database of its own design to analyze every scrap of evidence they collect, the equipment used, and all other situational conditions to determine what works best for

capturing evidence of the paranormal. This allows their results to be consistently replicated

and improved upon. It's likely that no other paranormal group manages their cases, equipment, and evidence so thoroughly and analytically. They use a state-of-the-art application designed for Paranormal Pulse to collect and catalogue all evidence and historical data for every investigation carried out, and they truly have their finger on the pulse of the paranormal.

Carrie began exploring the paranormal at an early age. In her childhood, she often saw "people" who were not physically present and experienced emotions that were not

her own. She could hear voices, music, and sounds, and feel vibrations that others could not. Her parents made her feel normal and supported her, but she hid these abilities from others for fear of judgement and retaliation. She began to embrace her gifts as she grew up. She began a quest to understand the paranormal by investigating every place she visited, including numerous states and the countries she visited during her four-year residence in England. This quest has thus far led her and Cordell to Paranormal Pulse. Here, she continues her research with the help of teammates like Marissa Bogovic (Director of Historical Research/Investigator), Cordell Measells (Executive Director), and a slew of

supporting investigators including Curry Stegen, Robert Ritchey, Brandon Shields,

Jane Grove (Lead), Kimberly Taylor Brown (Lead), and Andrew Nunley (VP of Safety,

Director). All members of Paranormal Pulse have an equal voice in how the organization

operates. Pulse also believes that all paranormal groups should work together. As a result, Pulse believes, everyone will gain a better understanding of the paranormal.

Some of the organization's cases include exclusive access to the John M. Browning Mansion in Ogden, UT, the Shooting Star Saloon in Huntsville, UT, now-defunct Mojos,

Union Station and Roosters in Ogden, Utah, and several other locations including jails, prisons, crematoriums, hotels, theaters, and mining camps. They were the first team allowed to investigate Gray Cliff Lodge in Ogden. Additionally, Paranormal Pulse has investigated the Washoe Club in Virginia City, Nevada, Brewery Lodge in Gold Hill, Nevada. The Washoe Club served as a haven for the newly rich during the boom years of silver mining in Virginia City. As gravediggers waited for the thawing of the ground to follow the cold winters, one room in the club functioned as a cadaver storage area. The building now serves as a bar, and reputedly, a phantom "Lady in Blue" roams there among other hauntings.

Paranormal Pulse's system for client services and management includes services

that are guaranteed to be 100% free without any add-ons or upsells, and they even

provide clients with their very own web page to view all evidence collected for their

case. This includes reports, historical data, Pulse comments, and analysis of all

EVPs, video, and anything else found. Clients can also decide what they wish to

make public, if anything, and all evidence can be downloaded by the client at any


The team has been written about in books, magazines, and newspaper articles, and

has appeared on news and cable shows, including the popular Ghost Adventures.

Carrie Pytlik’s name even appeared as one of the multiple-choice options for a

Travel Channel knowledge trivia question. However, their work is purely passionate, without any regard for fame. The future of Paranormal Pulse promises further expansion as Dave Alderton heads the establishment of new teams in the UK and Christopher Spores recruits for a Paranormal Pulse team in Georgia, USA. They are now recruiting for dedicated investigators back home in Utah. They are also planning to branch out into other states, so applications are now being accepted for those interested in starting their own Pulse team.

To learn more about Paranormal Pulse and their exciting projects, visit or reach out to or You can also follow them on YouTube @Paranormal Pulse and Facebook @pulse.para.

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