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The state of Nebraska is well known as a hotbed of paranormal activity, with many different sites infested with the restless spirits of those who have passed on but are unable to move on. It is believed by some that the state's unique geography, which includes vast stretches of flat, open terrain, and its location near the Rocky Mountains, create a kind of "psychic energy" that draws these spirits to the area. Many people who have visited the state's most haunted sites have reported experiencing strange phenomena, such as eerie feelings and mysterious noises. This energy is further enhanced by the state's many ghost stories and legends, creating a truly powerful atmosphere for any paranormal investigator.

Paranormal L.LG.H.T.S. of Lincoln, Nebraska is a nonprofit research and investigation team led by Nick Downs. Nick and his cohort Emily Timmons established the group in 1998 as mere teens during their senior year of high school. "Although both Emily and I have experienced unexplained happenings growing up, we decided to gather a group of trustworthy friends to study and research the paranormal to figure out what's really going bump in the night," says Nick. Since that time, Paranormal L.I.G.H.T.S. has grown to become one of the most respected paranormal investigation teams in the region, garnering media attention and clients from all over the Midwest. They have not only built a reputation for themselves as professionals in the paranormal field, but they also have a commitment to the community. They offer educational programs to the public and they provide services to those in need, such as helping families and business owners who are experiencing paranormal activity.

It is Nick's desire to answer the questions that haunt many of us in our human experience in this world that drives him. Through his exploration, Nick, with the help of his team, seeks to uncover the secrets of our existence, and to discover the truth we all seek. "I grew up in a haunted house at a young age. I haven't seen a ghost face to face, but with many strange and unusual events that took place over the years in my childhood home, I believe that spirits do remain on earth watching over us with possible unfinished businesses." This is similar to an archeologist unearthing artifacts from the past, uncovering long-forgotten secrets and truths that have been hidden away for years. The mysteries of the past may be waiting to be rediscovered, just like spirits are waiting to reveal the secrets of our existence.

The team has grown over the years to a comfortable number of members who dedicate their free time to paranormal investigations. Today Paranormal L.I.G.H.T.S has 22 members worldwide with their core investigators (in addition to Nick and Emily) being Laura, a historian and paranormal counselor, Ryan, a videographer and tech manager, Matt the equipment specialist, Suzette, a research specialist, Saryn, a demonologist, as well as members Dale and Luc.

In order for the team to prove or disprove hauntings at claimed haunted locations, they always research locations by contacting home owners or business owners, historical societies, libraries and eyewitness accounts. They are dedicated to finding the truth and take their work seriously. "We are all about facts, not fiction," Nick stated. "We will do what we can to get to the bottom of the case. We use common sense, not fabrication." They use paranormal tools such as EMF detectors, thermal meters, infrared cameras, light sensors, VOX and spirit box devices and other scientific equipment. Some of their biggest case investigations have taken place at the Villisca Ax Murder House in Iowa, the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, and Castle Casa Loma in Toronto, Canada. They captured a rare, full-bodied apparition on video at the Villisca Ax Murder House, which can be seen on both their Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Paranormal L.I.G.H.T.S. has been on several television news broadcasts, radio shows, and podcasts. Nick, Emily, and Laura host a podcast on Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast and Amazon called The Ghost Bar. Nick recently published a book titled A Guide To The Paranormal Side on Amazon, which features many of the team's investigations from its younger years. He plans to publish several more in the near future. Nick's most recent book has been met with much enthusiasm. He is now working on upcoming titles to further expand his paranormal publishing portfolio for readers who are interested in his team and his experiences and insights.

Going forward, the team's plans are to continue its research and help people with their paranormal situations, to help them understand who or what is or is not there. "Of course it would be nice to work with a television network someday. But we do things raw. No ambient music or sounds in the background of our videos," Nicks explains. "Everything you experience with us is pure, raw, and downright chilling."

To learn more about Paranormal L.I.G.H.T.S. and to catch up with their research, follow them on Facebook @paranormallights and subscribe to their YouTube channel @Paranormallights.

A Guide To The Paranormal Side by Nick Downs

These pages are from the Paranormal L.I.G.H.T.S. case files. Everything you read here are based on true events. Reading this guide of a paranormal investigator and the haunting encounters he endures might leave you to sleep at night with the lights on. Nick Downs is the founder of the Paranormal Lincoln Investigations of Ghost Hauntings and The Supernatural team located in Lincoln, Nebraska. Traveling and investigating across the Midwest, he and his teams objectives are to investigate and research paranormal activities. Read forward to venture into the mysteries of the unknown and how one mans journey into the paranormal side turned his life around with many different twists. Some of these stories you may have heard of, but not aware of what really happened. Why is the spirit of a young boy dwelling within an old antique music box? What happened at Seven Sisters road? What is the true story of the Witch of the woods, also known as Wilderness Park? Several peoples names and locations within these pages have been changed to protect their identity and locations.

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