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Premier Paranormal Researchers Paranormal Investigators of New England

A TAPS Family Member for Vermont.

There is no doubt that New England is one of the most culturally and historically rich regions in the United States. The area was one of the earliest English settlements in the “New World” and whispers of our favorite New England ghost stories always seem to creep into conversation. Each New England town has its own spooky folklore, influenced by centuries-old graveyards and historic buildings that serve as the backdrop to hauntings and paranormal investigations by knowledgeable teams like Paranormal Investigators of New England (PI-NE) in Vermont.

Since 2004, Paranormal Investigators of New England (PI-NE) has been serving the northeast with all aspects of the paranormal, including cryptozoology, ufology, and a wide range of ghostly phenomena. PI-NE recognizes the great privilege of having Karen Keene as their resident BFRO expert team member leading them on these exciting expeditions. On occasion, PI-NE will search out on their own to suspected areas to make calls and look for footprints and unusual structures based on her expertise.

Kathy Eastman has helped so many people on their personal journeys, outside of the team, throughout her life. She now brings her gifts to the investigation process by opening herself to spirits. The team has recorded some very compelling responses with equipment during Q & A sessions, and at the same time, she hears the answers telepathically.

Heidi Bartlett, Steve Sicard, and Lindsay Agard are all gifted with the ability to see energy fields and often see spirits as well. Along with Kathy, they conduct a silent pre-investigation walk-through, and then reveal their findings midway through, during a break, and once again later in the evening. Their individual findings during these walk-throughs and subsequent disclosures provide them with everything they needed to continue the process. Director Betty Miller explains that there is no equipment nor tool you could buy that can replace the gifts they have. It is Betty's mission to make paranormal investigations more valuable not only to the client, but also to the field at large. With team events, presentations, and open and transparent communications, she strives to do justice to these phenomenal team members by keeping things fresh and exciting. Betty is proud of the fact that each member has a strong voice in team decisions as well as the respect they show one another.

It is believed that team member Kevin Cheney is a reincarnation from civil war times. The depth of his knowledge of these battles and the intimate details therein makes them want to throw away the history books and just listen to him speak. They experienced this firsthand with two visits to the battlegrounds in Gettysburg, PA, a trip that left them speechless. They spent days on the fields watching shadows and staying overnight at the haunted Baladerry Inn. During this time, a female ghost was heard whispering Kevin’s name both out loud and on recorders. They suspected this might have been an old acquaintance! Another team member had two soldiers visit her in the middle of the night, and they recorded numerous EVPs in the sitting room.

Individuals on the team come from diverse backgrounds, have different experiences, and hold different beliefs. Diverse viewpoints and styles prevent investigators from having tunnel vision for only one perspective of the paranormal. During an investigation, their main goal is to translate something that is non-material into something tangible, to give spirits whatever platform they need to communicate if they can. It is the team's passion to keep up to date with the latest technology in the field, and it certainly does not lack experimental equipment. Due to spirit energy's short-term nature, they aim to first uncover what is crucial for the client to know. Each year, PI-NE conducts many fun investigations to haunted locations to help them grow, and this is where they stylize their questioning toward bigger topics like, “have you seen god?”, “is there evil?”, and “what happens when you die?”

The PI-NE mainstay for many years has been data driven, but only recently have they experimented with mixing the two worlds, using scientific experimental equipment and mediumship, energy readings, on site. They have adopted this new comprehensive style to enhance their clients' experience and to see if they can validate one another. Results have been nothing short of jaw-dropping. They continue to incorporate this more contemporary style into their investigative plans, seeing the benefits for all involved. Additionally, PI-NE is interested in Ufology and is ready to respond to any requests. The team conducted Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind protocols in October, which involve human-initiated interactions with celestial beings. The evening consisted of meditations, setting intentions, using light sequences, and playing tones that have produced results in other parts of the world. The team states they continue to grow in this area and will repeat this process during the summer months.

As members of The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) Family for the state of Vermont, not only do they have their own (paranormal) “family” in every sense of the word, but also belong to an established organization with which they can share experiences and techniques. It is doubly exciting that PI-NE is expanding to have a New Hampshire division led by Jason Engel, who was previously a member of PI-NE. This branch will bring strong leadership and expertise to NH as a quick response team.

To learn more about the Paranormal Investigators of New England organization, visit or follow them on Facebook @ParanormalInvestigatorsOfNewEngland.

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