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Premier Paranormal Researchers: Paranormal Existence Research Society

Paranormal Existence Research Society

In the heart of Coral Springs, FL, a team of

fearless investigators has taken it upon

themselves to explore the enigmatic world of the paranormal. Led by the indomitable Bill Slevin, the Paranormal Existence Research Society Team has been unraveling mysteries and delving into the unexplained for over 10 years with Bill having over three decades of experience and education. But this is no ordinary band of paranormal investigators. Bill Slevin, the mastermind behind P.E.R.S., is a world­ renowned paranormal investigator, researcher, parapsychologist, and empath, with a passion for helping those in need. And that's just the tip of the supernatural iceberg. As we sit down with the enigmatic founder,

Bill Slevin, he takes us on a journey back to his childhood, where his fascination with the paranormal began. Long before the days of TV shows and the internet, young Bill found himself immersed in the inexplicable, embarking on a quest to discern the truth behind the eerie experiences he encountered. His relentless research and exploration eventually led him to start investigating residential homes in 1989, eventually sparking the inception of the remarkable P.E.R.S. Team in 2013. For over 35 years, Bill Slevin has been on the forefront of paranormal research. Many troubled souls have found comfort and closure as a result of his investigations and that of his team. The heart of the P.E.R.S. Team lies in its dedication to helping people, approaching every investigation with compassion and empathy. Their expertise in residential hauntings and demonology has earned them a reputation as a premier paranormal research society, with teams based in various states and even reaching international territories in Italy, Greece, and the UK. As the team's leader, Bill Slevin is a well-known figure in the paranormal field, gracing screens, radio waves, podcasts, magazines, and newspapers across the globe.

His most recent ventures include the chilling "The Devil's Academy" on The Travel Channel and an appearance on Destination America's "Ghost Asylum." But beyond his TV appearances and celebrity status, Bill remains grounded in his mission: to educate the public about the paranormal and the unknown. The P.E.R.S. Team doesn't just stop at investigations. They take pride in sharing their knowledge with the world, offering lectures at libraries, conventions, schools, and other public events throughout the US. Their aim is to debunk myths and misconceptions about the paranormal and provide valuable insights into conducting real residential investigations. Bill's team is on a mission to nurture a new generation of paranormal investigators, guiding them to approach the field with respect, responsibility, and ethical practices.

But what truly sets the P.E.R.S. Team apart is their genuine care for their clients. Every case is approached with meticulous attention to detail, and they offer their services completely free of charge. Their primary goal is to help their clients find resolution, even if the evidence suggests no paranormal activity. If they suspect psychological or medical issues may be at play, the team ensures their clients receive appropriate care and support.

The Florida team is a dynamic and diverse group, spread across both coasts, each bringing unique talents to the table. On the East Coast, we have Sara Brooke and Ben Ethridge, best-selling authors of horror and paranormal novels, lending their literary expertise and investigative skills. Daniella Macias, a client care specialist, impresses with her ability to connect and comfort clients during investigations. Alison Guyette has proven to be an invaluable asset in numerous residential cases, while Tammy Kritchmar stands out as an exceptional researcher and investigator, delving into the histories of clients and properties. David Schuler engages in extensive research during public investigations, driven by his profound curiosity about the afterlife.

Yudany Diaz, Jude Guevara, and Robert Hofmann join the team fueled by their personal experiences and a genuine passion for helping others and exploring the paranormal. Yudany brings a background in IT expertise, while Jude, a fully licensed psychologist, provides valuable insights in cases involving non-paranormal activity. Emella Cassia Trop-Longinus, an integral part of the FL team, divides her time between leading the team in the region and her spiritual work in Italy, Greece, and the UK, carrying on the teachings of her healer and shaman aunt.

On the West Coast of Florida, the team is under the remarkable leadership of Cahni Konig, a Clinical, Interpersonal, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master, Psychic Medium, and Peruvian Shaman. Operating the Sacred Space Spiritual Center in Brandon, Florida, Cahni leads a formidable team, including Jerri Holt, whose passion for the paranormal drives her collaboration with Cahni on various cases. Renee Hill, with over 11 years of experience in paranormal investigations across the US, contributes her invaluable expertise. Lastly, we have Jordan Silverstein, a long-standing member and close friend, serving as our A/V specialist. Owner of the renowned October Night Productions, based in Cape Coral, Florida, Jordan handles photography and videos, capturing and editing our future public investigations.

Together, this exceptional group explores the mysteries of the supernatural, striving to help those in need and unravel the secrets of the paranormal realm across Florida.

While the team has encountered numerous spine-chilling cases, one case stands out as particularly poignant. A distraught father reached out to the P.E.R.S. Team, worried about his young daughter, who seemed to be experiencing strange behavior. The team conducted a thorough investigation, but to their surprise, found no evidence of paranormal activity. Instead, they suspected possible psychological issues and urged the father to seek professional help for his daughter. Despite the outcome, this case serves as a reminder of the team's dedication to helping people find the right solutions, no matter the source of their troubles.

As the P.E.R.S. Team continues to grow and expand their reach, they are excited to embark on new ventures. With upcoming events like the Fantasm Horror Convention in Orlando and library appearances in various Florida locations, Bill Slevin and his team eagerly await the opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with the public. Their mission to enlighten, educate, and empathize remains unwavering.

For those seeking help or wanting to be part of this extraordinary journey, the P.E.R.S. Team invites you to connect with them. For event inquiries and further information, you can reach out to the P.E.R.S. Team via their website or find them on Facebook @persfl. To connect with Bill Slevin, visit or check out his Facebook page @slevinparanormal. For AV specialist Jordan Silverstein and his October Night Productions, you can find them on Facebook @OctoberNightProductions. Stay updated and engaged with these channels to stay informed, and mark your calendars for an exciting series of events with the renowned P.E.R.S. team and celebrity guest Bill Slevin.

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