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Premier Paranormal Researchers Pacific Coast Paranormal

A powerhouse investigator team, Pacific Coast Paranormal (PCP) is an organization consisting of some of the nation's leading paranormal investigators. By providing accurate and reliable evidence of the supernatural, they aim to help those living with paranormal activity or seeking answers to questions left unexplained by even today's modern science and technology. Jill Alexander Essbaum, Hausfrau, wrote: “It doesn’t matter whether you believe in ghosts. The ghosts believe in you.” Pacific Coast Paranormal is a team of professionals that take the time to investigate and document paranormal activity. They understand that the supernatural can be difficult to explain, and they strive to present evidence that can help those affected by paranormal activity find peace and understanding. Jill Alexander Essbaum's quote is a reminder of the power of the supernatural and how it can affect us all, regardless of our beliefs.

Founded by scientific researcher Stefan Brigati in 1991, the PCP team is a very experienced group of investigators and researchers, sensitives, psychics, videographers, photographers, engineers, and technicians dedicated to discovering why spirits remain here and do not move on. As a paranormal author, educator, podcast radio host, and reality TV personality, Stefan and his team members have decades of experience in paranormal investigations and have handled hundreds of cases, so they know what to look for to figure out why spirits remain in certain places. They use a variety of tools and techniques to collect evidence and uncover the truth.

Among them is Tara Mead, a tested and American Federation of Certified Psychics certified scrying medium and spirit photographer who is also the author of the acclaimed book, Spirit Photography: Seeing the Other Side. Her expertise lies in taking and analyzing photographs of spirits during channeling sessions, identifying potential family and friends from a forensic perspective. Mead has been researching and practicing her craft for many years, and has worked with a range of clients, including communicating with people in the afterlife such as Patrick Swayze. She has developed an innovative, scientifically-backed method of photographing spirits and analyzing the images to provide insight into the spiritual world, demonstrating a success ratio of 95%. She is a recognized expert in her field, and her book is highly regarded as a source of knowledge in the paranormal world. Her teaching, counseling, and training have aided in the healing process of hundreds of clients, and she further serves the community via investigations, presentations and conventions all over the world. Aside from numerous other accolades including television appearances on A&E and the Travel Channel, the National Federation of Certified Psychics has awarded her work a five-star rating and a world ranking of #1! "I have healed an incredible amount of people that have lost loved ones that have passed away. This is never a test of faith, it is a gift from above that is given to me for healing the heart and soul from the horrific emotional pain associated with death," Tara explains. "Each and everyone that I encounter is for a reason. Having healed and educated so many by photographing their loved ones gives a true sense of the incredible beyond.

Joining Tara at PCP is Psychic Medium and "Good Witch" Patti Negri, perhaps best known for appearing on the Travel Channel and Discovery Plus's #1 show "Ghost Adventures" and the #1 paranormal show on YouTube, "OVERNIGHT" with Elton Castee and Corey Scherrer, though she has also appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, provided contributions to over 20 books and has conducted seances on radio, film, and TV with celebrities such as Emma Stone, Jon Voight, Josh Duhamel, Chevy Chase and Gregory Hines. Patti is a partner and Vice President at Streaming Service, as well as an educator at From Portals To Hell, Master Chef, WipeOut, and America's Got Talent to Influencers, YouTubers, Good Mythical Morning, AwesomenessTV, Lilly Singh, and LaurDIY, Patti has been featured on dozens of shows and is the international bestselling author of Old World Magick for the Modern World: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques to Balance, Empower, and Create a Life You Love. You can catch the latest episodes of her highly-anticipated weekly podcast, The Witching Hour, every Monday as well as her newest podcast, The Witch's Movie Coven, on iTunes, Podbean, or your favorite podcast platform. "Magick is just have to look sometimes." is Patti's philosophy. Through her podcasts, she offers listeners helpful advice on how to make magical connections in their lives with ritual and spell work, as well as providing insights into the spiritual and magical realms that can be found in everyday life. Investigator Mark Christopher Nelson has been a professional medium for the past 15 years with clients worldwide. He has appeared on several television shows and recently shot a pilot called "The Most Gifted" for which he won the title in a contest for the show. He gives personal readings over the phone or in person. His podcasts are from his weekly radio program "Positively Psychic" where he has interviewed leading figures in the psychic and paranormal world. Mark joined the team in 2009 and has continually sought out opportunities to share his gifts with others. His television appearances, pilot, and podcasts all showcase his natural abilities, and his personal readings are an excellent way to connect with clients on a more intimate level. He and his partner and wife, Barbara, make up the Para-Nelsons Investigations team, as seen on SYFY’s Ghost Hunters, Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal Witness.

Among PCP members are other gifted investigators and researchers with specialized talents and contributions. They include EVP Specialist Regal Morales, Psychic Wendi Hannigan, and Tech Specialist Mike Pritchard. These individuals bring a wealth of experience to the table and are responsible for a wide range of tasks. From research and data analysis to technical management, these members help to ensure that the organization continues to move forward in its mission and to protect the integrity of the paranormal field, across all genres of research and investigation.

As part of its preparation for the 2nd annual Pacific Coast Paranormal Paracon at The Majestic Ventura Theater on June 2nd and 3rd 2023, the team is developing strategies and plans that will guide the organization's efforts, ensure the event's success, and ensure the convention is fun and engaging for attendees. For more information about all of the services, events, and projects that PCP has to offer, please visit them at Facebook @tara.spiritpixmedium, , , , , , or email

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