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Premier Paranormal Researchers Ontario's Paranormal Investigators

In comparison with places like England, Europe and many other parts of the

world, Ontario's recorded history is relatively brief, which means you won't

have to search too far to find its haunts and lore. And as you'll soon discover,

paranormal sleuths like the members of Ontario's Paranormal Investigators

(OPI) have a plethora of work to do.

Woodstock, Ontario-based OPI was founded 12 years ago, even though co¬

founder Don has been researching the paranormal for 17 years. There are

seven gifted individuals who make up OPI, each with their own set of talents

(including videography, photography, and spiritual abilities). Among them are

mediums, empaths, pagans, and those still developing their abilities despite constantly growing spiritually. Educating the community on paranormal awareness is one of the team's goals in addition to helping as many families as possible regain peace in their own homes. It is OPI's duty to ensure that families and businesses feel safe at home and in the workplace. Even so, they also acknowledge the deceased's or spirits' needs, and aim to guide them to their next phase of the afterlife. In the eyes of Don and his fiancé, Jenn, their team's greatest strengths are compassion and protection, so they take care of each other like family.

In spite of the fact that each team member is on his or her own spiritual journey that may lead him or her everyday life in different directions, they validate one another, follow up with clients to make sure they are still comfortable, and have one of the kindest members around. "We are truly blessed...Side by side or miles apart our team is always full of heart." At the age of five, Don discovered he was a medium. Having a passion for the paranormal ever since, he joined a team, joined another after that team closed, and eventually created OPI. With his fiancé Jenn, he owns the team and does what he loves. From a young age, Jenn knew she was an empath though she didn't understand the "true" meaning of the word yet. Throughout her life, she has been interested in the paranormal and gained clarity as an empath. Jenn is the "mom" of the team, ensuring everyone's safety and well-being always putting her heart and soul into the care for the team.

Jenn and Don became engaged in 2021and have since built what they consider to be one of the most talented teams in Ontario. This includes members Connor, Emily, and Matt. A long-time spiritual seeker, Connor explores his path in great depth. A true empath, Connor also explores his many other spiritual gifts. It's Connor who creates the team's awesome videos. He puts his heart and soul into each of them to capture the team's essence for their viewers. Emily is a talented and gifted member, a pagan, and an empath. During investigations, she uses her energy to remove attachments quickly and is the center of the team's positive vibe. Emily's family is always taking care of the team's snacking needs. "She is our sister all the way around!" Don's son, Matt, is also on the OPI team. Amazing with clients, has been around since day one and has a wonderful sense of humor. He enjoys technical things, is extremely talented, and the team is ever grateful to have him. Joining them are two trainees: Lynn and Jordan.

While Ontario is packed with haunting ghost stories and real-life paranormally active sites, one of OPI's favorite locations was a residential home in Ingersoll Ontario where a secret hidden room was discovered beneath an old barn built in the early 1800's, and the other is the abandoned Toronto Cement Company which locals refer to as "Two Eyes" in Beachville, Ontario. A businessman promised locals that his cement company would create jobs and prosperity for the area if they invested in the Toronto Cement Company in the late 1920s. However, the building was abandoned shortly after construction due to its poor construction, and it never actually made any cement. It is also commonly believed that in the 1980's a teenager hung themselves from one of the bars at the top of the 'Two Eyes' part of the structure (the chimney base).

OPI is actively seeking another male member to join the team. It is noted on their website that an application form is available. Applicants are reminded that the position is a volunteer one, as is the position of every member of the team. "We are a non-profit organization and are always seeking donations to give to families that we encounter during investigations; such things as flashlights, nightlights, stuffies, etc., to name a few. We would like to thank everyone for all the years of support they have given us, and we know we are blessed." Among the many exciting events planned for OPI in 2023 are an annual, free children's crystal hunt as well as a possible Halloween event with the St. Thomas Library.

For more on OPI, please visit them at or follow them on Facebook @Ontarioparanormalinvestigators1. You may also send your inquiries to

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