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Premier Paranormal Researchers Northwest Paranormal and Occult Research

Ghost stories and all types of supernatural lore can reveal a lot about a region's past as well. The Pacific Northwest is home to a number of haunted tales just waiting to be explored and that may leave you baffled. From haunted hotels to mysterious creatures, this region has plenty of spooky stories to tell. The history behind these tales is often just as intriguing as the stories themselves, with some of them having been passed down for generations. It's a great way to learn about culture and history but there are many spiritual lessons to be learned that transcend well beyond chills and thrills. Those affected by the unexplained can gain valuable insight into the spiritual world. It's also an excellent way to develop faith and courage, as well as to understand the power of belief.

Learning about such mysterious tales can be an inspiring experience. But it can also be frightening. NWPOR (Northwest Paranormal & Occult Research) is a Pacific Northwest team dedicated to helping clients understand and overcome their fears of paranormal or seemingly unnatural events. As a result of its members' diverse backgrounds and religious beliefs, the team provides a uniquely effective strategy for conducting investigations and finding solutions. This, coupled with their technical resources, allows them to provide a comprehensive approach to investigating and resolving paranormal issues. Their research is conducted with professionalism and respect for individuals' beliefs and needs. NWPOR is committed to helping those in need of paranormal assistance. "We are prepared to debunk claims and validate our own findings," Founder and Demonologist Gavin explains. The team has a no-nonsense philosophy when it comes to getting to the bottom of claims, ensuring they do the most extensive research possible. Aside from providing theories, hypotheses, and facts, they are willing to take the extra mile to clean the home of negative presences and, in some cases, consult religious authorities for assistance. And the investigative services they offer are always free.

Some of the team's most memorable investigations have taken place at Montana State Prison in Powell County, Montana and St. Ignatius Hospital, a former boarding hospital in Colfax, Washington. It is not uncommon for NWPOR to experience paranormal activity at both locations. Montana State Prison is known for its haunted history, with many people claiming to have seen and heard strange and unexplained phenomena. Reports of hauntings include the sounds of disembodied voices, doors opening and closing on their own, and the feeling of a presence in certain areas of the prison. St. Ignatius Hospital in Washington is also reported to be haunted, with reports of ghostly figures, unexplained noises, and objects moving on their own. Many people have reported feeling an icy chill fill the air when entering certain rooms, as well as experiencing feelings of dread and fear. With plans for developing a paranormal education program, expanding the team into other regions, and an online show in the works, NWPOR has strategies for doing their part in strengthening the para-scientific research community. Joining Gavin are team co-founder, Cathleen Demaray (also known as "Chatty Cathy"), and a handful of other gifted individuals, contributing to NWPOR's powerful dynamic: Team Lead Venoy Sanders, Tech Specialist Branden Shealy, Investigators Minnie May, Krista "Farmer's Daughter" Pohl, Branden "Tango" Shealy, Crystal Shealy, and investigators-in-training Kami Whitmire and Steven Marchland. NWPOR members also host the paranormal podcast, The Haunted Truth, and the podcast The Stories That Haunt Us with the help of Demonologist Sam Reaside. "I'm lucky enough to have the best team out there. Not to mention my wife, without whom this wouldn't be what it is today," remarks Gavin.

For more information about the NWPOR team, visit and reach out to them via email at

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