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Premier Paranormal Researchers Nightwatchmen Investigative Team

The Ottawa Valley is full of downright spooky paranormal activity that just begs to be investigated. It is home to many historical sites and legends that give us a glimpse into its past. Sometimes, a tumultuous history surrounds these places and events, and as a result, they become known for their hauntings.

The Nightwatchmen Team is a group of investigators based in Eastern Ontario's Ottawa Valley. They are on a mission to find and document conclusive evidence of what we call the paranormal. The team is named after the Nightwatchmen of history who watched over citizens, towns, and properties during the night in order to ensure their safety. Throughout Canada and the United States, the Nightwatchmen Investigative Team has researched a wide variety of paranormal mysteries. Members cultivate a positive culture of studying paranormal mythology and discussing paranormal experiences. Their investigations also help to promote the preservation of local historical sites. The team has over 30 years of experience investigating the paranormal and is always on the lookout for new places to investigate. They are always willing to help people that are having problems with the supernatural and the unexplained.

Founders Mark and Cheryl spent a couple of years with another team before deciding it was time to take things to the next level with their own group. It was then that the Nightwatchmen Investigative Team was born. The Nightwatchmen often collaborate with other like-minded groups that share a similar vision. Using their tools to find evidence and educate the public about paranormal phenomena is extremely significant to the team. In addition, the organization strives to preserve the history and architecture of the community for the benefit of future generations.

Some of the team's favorite locations to investigate are the Heritage House Museum in Smith Falls, ON; the Bytown Museum in Ottawa, ON; the West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, WV; and the Fort Henry National Historic Site in Kingston, ON. They have had many delightfully spooky encounters over the years, including chilling EVP recordings saying things like "I'm dead," and "I'll gut you," video captures of mist materializing before their eyes, and books being knocked off shelves by an unseen hand. One very special moment that rendered the team speechless was a clear figure that appeared to be stacking large bags on a skid. More recently, the team was able to help some homeowners discover a time capsule from 1933 in the basement of their house during an investigation involving a very successful Estes Method session!

Learn all about the Nightwatchmen Investigative Team by visiting their website at and by connecting with them on Facebook @watchmenteam and Instagram @nightwatchmenteam. You can also contact them at

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