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Premier Paranormal Researchers Jott-Nyx Paranormal

Anyone with a few tools and a healthy portion of curiosity can put together a ghost hunting team. But it takes genuine commitment, a thorough understanding of paranormal equipment, and complementary philosophies in order to operate as a successful investigative team. With endless pages of supernatural investigators out there on the web, the hunt for the most reliable ones can be daunting. Let us introduce you to one of Pennsylvania's more dedicated paranormal teams: Jott-Nyx Paranormal.

This paranormal investigation team was founded by Jerry and Melissa Keller in Lancaster County, PA. Growing up and later in different workplaces, they both encountered experiences that they could not explain. Their friends and they ventured out to Chickies Rock in Columbia, PA, one night in 2008 where they saw and experienced things they couldn't explain.

"We immediately ran into a young man, dressed only in a pair of blue jeans, crouched under a tree. He had blonde spikey hair and red eyes. At first, we thought this kid was smoking marijuana. We noticed his clothing was strewn across the trees. When we got near him, he came up to me and asked, "Where are my shoes?" I used a flashlight to direct him toward them, and this kid totally disappeared. By that, I mean he vanished before the 13 people who were standing there. The area in which he was crouching under the tree was undisturbed..."

The strange occurrences didn't end there. The night was packed full of confounding excitement, with phantom quad runners and a disappearing Ghost Train. As a result, they began searching for explanations. The more they researched, the more they wanted to know. Their curiosity grew as they visited various local locations, and they expanded their search to cover the entirety of the East Coast and beyond, investigating some of the most haunted places like Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Bobby Mackey's, West Virginia Penitentiary, Madison Seminary, Hinsdale House, the Ohio State Reformatory, and Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum just to name a few. Naturally, the need to form a team soon arose and ten years later, in 2018, Jott-Nyx was born. The word Jott is an acronym for Just One of Those Things, while Nyx is the Greek goddess of the night. Hence, its name means Just those things of the night.

Before long, their original team of three were offered the position of Paranormal Directors of The Haldeman Mansion. They moved into the Carriage House, becoming the mansion's resident paranormal team, allowing them to hold events that gained the interest of some para-celebrities such as Jack Kenna and Carly Hall, Chris Smith from the Tennessee Wraith Chasers, Daryl Marston, and Mustafa Gatolarri with Ghost Hunters, and they even filmed an episode of Ghost Finders at the mansion with Rob Thompson and his crew. This exposure along with honesty and integrity facilitated their growth. Jott-Nyx is now hosting consistently sold-out public and private investigations at Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, PA, and Melissa and Jerry were featured on PARAFlixx's second season of Project Paranormal.

Melissa has undoubtedly had countless encounters with the paranormal. In 2000, she graduated from HACC's Certified Nursing Program. While working for a facility, she saw and experienced things no one could explain, later finding out that the facility was built over an Indian burial ground. “I have recently realized that I am a psychic. I can see them and hear them but never at the same time," says Melissa. "I get a lot of visions that don't necessarily make sense at first.” She is also a Reiki Master and Spiritual Life Coach. Her partner and husband, Jerry, is hard of hearing, so the team uses a lot of sensory equipment for him. His other senses are better developed, as a result. He appeared as a janitor in the Samuel Miller Mansion episode of Paraseekers, and too has experienced a life full of fascinating and inexplicable events.

The two welcomed their nephew Andrew Haldeman to the team in 2018. He has become a Lead Audio and Video Tech alongside Dale Haubert, the team's other Lead Audio and Video Tech and Lead Investigator. Andrew's direct ancestor is John Haldeman who in 1812 purchased and enhanced what is now known as Haldeman Mansion in Bainbridge, PA. His son, Samuel Stehman Haldeman, was a renowned scientist honored by Charles Darwin for his contribution to the famous book "The Origin of the Species" and by Daniel Webster for his help with the dictionary. The mansion is renowned for its paranormal activity. Jamie Widener, another member of Jott-Nyx and a long-time friend of Jerry's, is no stranger to paranormal encounters. His experience and skills make him an excellent choice for Team Manager and Lead Investigator. Matt Nagle was brought on in 2019 as their Public Relations Representative and Lead Investigator. Field Manager and Lead Investigator David Deromedi also hosts their podcast Coffee Talk with Jott-Nyx Paranormal with the help of Mallory Haubert, the team's documenter. Chad Thomas also joined the ranks in 2021 bringing many talents (namely photography) as did Justin and Courtney Habbershon, the team's newest additions.

Jott-Nyx has come to recognize the importance of its paranormal research team in preserving the history of its community. They also set out to make their events as educational as possible for all, including kids who are inclined to explore the paranormal field. "We recently had a Junior Boo Crew Class at the brewery with kids who have a passion for the paranormal. We taught them about the paranormal, touched on religion a bit and gave them a chance to ask questions. After learning some vocabulary, we offered them their own investigation of Bube's Brewery. It was a huge success." They are always looking for creative ways to get involved and innovative equipment to use as well as hosting their own Paranormal Make-A-Wish, a program for people with terminal illnesses who want to investigate but lack the resources.

To get better acquainted with Jott-Nyx Paranormal and their community and research efforts, you can visit them at or follow them on social media:

Facebook @JerryandMelissa.

YouTube @Jott-Nyx Paranormal

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