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Premier Paranormal Researchers Jott-Nyx New Jersey

Despite its size, New Jersey is packed with paranormal activity. Reports of hauntings, poltergeists, and other supernatural occurrences are common throughout the state. In particular, the cities of Trenton and Atlantic City are known for their high levels of paranormal activity. Residents and visitors alike are advised to be aware of the potential for supernatural encounters.

Jott-Nyx Paranormal New Jersey was founded by Tim & Erica Bergen, husband and wife. Since they are based out of Lopatcong in Warren County NJ, they originally operated under the name Lopat Paranormal. In their travels and investigations, they discovered Haldeman Mansion in Bainbridge PA, where fascinating things were being captured. As a result of attending a public investigation there, they met Melissa and the Jott-Nyx Paranormal team. "We instantly seemed to fit in with them. Our techniques and theirs seemed to work very well with each other," says Tim. "We started appearing at other Jott-Nyx events and absorbing everything that Melissa, Jerry, Matt, Andrew, and the rest of their team had to offer. Jott-Nyx started offering public investigations at Bube’s brewery in Mount Joy PA and we came to several events there. We began assisting with their public investigations and leading groups for them. In January of 2021 Jerry and Melissa asked us if we wanted to officially become part of the Jott-Nyx Family and establish Jott-Nyx Paranormal New Jersey."

The paranormal has always fascinated Tim and Erica. Tim read many things including the writings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Aleister Crowley, Wicca, Greek, Norse mythology and the Bible. He and Erica became interested in Tarot cards and divination, and they were both open-minded and enjoyed the exploration of the unknown. As people began talking about the paranormal openly in the early 2000s, their journey towards becoming paranormal investigators began. The Bible code was becoming a mainstream topic, and shows such as Ghost Hunters appeared on the air.

During their stay in Edison, NJ, they lived in a bottom floor 2-bedroom condo, and looking back, it was the perfect storm for paranormal activity. There were high tension power lines running next to the condo building, close enough to hear the hum of electricity at night. The main bedroom shared a wall with the utility unit owned by the association. Electrical meters and main power lines for all other units in the building were on the shared wall. The Bergens' unit had water and sewer lines running right through its walls. Buildings built in the 1970s had no main electrical ground, so everything was grounded to iron water pipes. Tim's job required him to have several computers, UPSs, wifi networks, etc., so the EMF in the entire condo would have been astonishing. The couple would experience an onslaught of unexplained activity living here, including the disappearance and teleportation of several items, phantom footsteps, and sleep paralysis. However, things got darker as time wore on. Tim recalls when it finally ended, "We are not 100% sure what brought everything to an end there. We took several steps to clear the place, and one day it all just stopped. The building next to us that had burned down was reopened. People started moving back into that building. We laid brick dust and sea salt around the perimeter of the unit, sternly told it to stop and it must leave and placed shungite rocks in the walls."

Erica and Tim soon decided to focus on learning how to investigate correctly and safely. The couple attended tours at Eastern State Penitentiary and Pennhurst, always intrigued by the activity at these notorious haunts. As more places began allowing public investigations, they began working on those cases. Unofficially known as "Lopat Paranormal" then, the pair was investing in basic equipment such as voice recorders, EMF meters, and REM pods. They were learning how these pieces of equipment worked, especially what would cause them to false positive or trigger. They also started building their own equipment, beginning with their designed SLS Camera, EMF/Static activated Yes/No device, Spirit/Portal Box, and music box (pictured on right). "We use a lot of the conventional methods that other teams use: call and response, cameras, motion activated devices, static devices, etc. We always bring with us one or more Tesla coil speakers. While using them, we will occasionally utilize the spirit box connected to those speakers. We do not employ that method though when running a public investigation due to the inherent danger that someone might decide to touch the device and get shocked."

They like to use their own customized equipment to do things a bit differently, for example: their SLS Camera is made to remain stationary and has a run time between charges of 5+ hours. Their Music Box looks more like a jewelry box that might be found in a home to entice interaction. And their Spirit/Portal box does not scan linearly, but instead randomly hops around from frequency to frequency and is designed to only use FM frequencies that are not part of standard US Radio Broadcast stations.

Some of Tim and Erica's most memorable experiences have taken place at Bube's Brewery in Mount Joy, PA, but there are simply too many incidents to list as it has a plethora of activity within its walls. But during their first visit to The Conjuring House in Burrillville, Rhode Island, their Ovilus spat out 3 words in a sequence that was eerily reminiscent of their time in the condo in Edison: "Edison", "I", and "Scared". As if something was trying to claim responsibility for the goings-on there.

Jott-Nyx Paranormal New Jersey is in the process of developing some revolutionary devices which are in the works that they would rather not disclose at this time. They are also negotiating an investigation into paranormal activity in Phillipsburg with a local historical society along with a fundraiser. Jott-Nyx NJ has several exciting locations lined up. In the coming year, you can catch them at Bube's Brewery, an upcoming public event at the Red Mill Museum, and more.

"It truly is an honor and a pleasure to be a part of the Jott-Nyx Paranormal Family. For such an amazing team to trust us to uphold the name and reputation of Jott-Nyx Paranormal is something we will always be grateful for," the team says. The team is looking forward to the events and is excited to show off the amazing work that Jott-Nyx has to offer. They are also eager to bring their unique experiences to the people and spread their passion for paranormal investigations.

Please visit to see what the team is up to and follow them on social media at Facebook @JottNyxNJ and their Facebook group at

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