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Premier Paranormal Researchers Iron City Paranormal

Derrick Smith and Daniel Metelsky, cofounders of Iron City Paranormal Investigators, have authored distinguished ghost hunting resumes since their official formation in 2017. While their team is based out of the Iron City, Pittsburgh, PA, they travel all over the country - from apartment buildings to derelict jail cells - to investigate haunted locations and present their findings to followers on their increasingly popular website and social media pages.

In 2017, they began officially researching the spirit world, but their interest in the paranormal dates back to childhood. In their adult lives, they have focused on proving that life continues after death. As a rule, the duo refrains from provocation of spirits or attempting to communicate through occult means. They are committed to becoming the voice of those on the other side who cannot speak for themselves.

Derrick and Dan record video, photographs, and take voice recordings of all of their adventures in preparation for sharing as much as possible, but forewarn their audience that some content may not be for the faint of heart or the easily offendable.

In an effort to preserve cultural heritage, the team has explored many historical sites with fascinating and sometimes terrible backstory. As a result, they have managed to capture some of the most compelling photographic evidence of what were just rumors without any supporting evidence.

Iron City Paranormal welcomes the public to share their own stories, provide supplemental evidence from their own explorations of locales, and occasionally invites people to tag along on their investigations.

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