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Premier Paranormal Researchers In the Shadows Entertainment Group

In the Shadows Entertainment Group

Bringing a seasoned professionalism, together with a sophisticated approach to their documentation of paranormal research, Gavin Kelly, an actor-turned-country singer-turned-paranormal investigator, and Paula Purcell Kelly, his counterpart, bring years of experience to their documentation of paranormal research. Together, their combined histories and expertise take "dynamic duo" to a whole new level, making it easy to combine engaging content with scientific methods.

The Kentucky-based cofounders of In the Shadows Entertainment Group (ITSEG) recently signed exclusive agreements with both Paraflixx and Roku for their hit shows Truth or Legends in Your Hometown S01E01, Abandoned Paranormal ROADTRIP, Kentucky HAUNTS, Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown, and GHOSTOLOGY 101.

Stepping back in time for a moment, Phantasmic Ghost Hunters (PGH) was created in 2012, consisting of “gear specialist” Gavin with Paula in charge of research and history along with assistance from a few other investigators. Upon uploading their very first investigation to YouTube, they were contacted by a producer from an independent network wanting to them sign on. There were stellar ratings and fans loved the first and only season of The Phantasmic Ghost Hunters. This presented a unique opportunity to bring the viewers along as they explored the paranormal while filming. There were no bells and whistles, no top gear or technology, just a Sony High 8 handy camera, digital recorder, two ghost meters pros, a spirit box, a K2 meter, and a talented researcher, capturing compelling evidence, with some calling it the "Holy Grail" of its day. Gavin was soon contacted by a producer at Amazon Studios who told him that with a few tweaks they could mold a new show for them. Taking the advice, Gavin and Paula made some crew changes and ended up with just the two of them and two cameramen. The show was then reimagined as today’s Paranormal Journey: Into the Unknown.

Gavin and Paula are currently travelling the US to film Truth or Legends in Your Hometown. The show features a total of 28 paranormal teams across 20 states, with each team assigned 4 locations to investigate. After the teams review their evidence, Gavin and Paula make the trip to each location to interview the team members. And if you’re into paranormal podcasts (because who isn’t?), then be sure to add ITSEG’s The Phantasmic Journey: Podcast to your rotation. Throughout its four seasons, the podcast has featured some of the most notable and accomplished personalities, authors, tech designers, paranormally active location owners, and psychic mediums in the field.

Since they enjoy sharing their knowledge, experiences, and advice with local communities, the team has been a celebrity guest speaker at many conventions and events over the years. The desire to make a positive impact on the community led them to create GHOSTOLOGY 101, which they have been presenting at libraries across Kentucky and have filmed for Comcast to be shown on channels 2 and 10. It is not uncommon for them to lend their time, equipment, voice, or talent to charity events when they are not in the spotlight filming, producing, or giving public speeches.

Gavin’s (and Paula’s) thirst for knowledge is apparent and unfailing, and they’ve been fortunate to gain insight into the business while working alongside some of the most talented industry experts like author and researcher Paul Browning, not to mention Aaron Goodwin from Ghost Adventures, Brad Klinge from Ghost Labs, Nick Groff from Paranormal Lockdown, and Dalen Sprat from Ghost Brothers. Paula and Gavin still create and produce made-for-TV paranormal shows and movies. Together, they bring Paula's clever ideas to life, including the upcoming Haunted KANSAS, and a film titled “LUCY”. Gavin is furthering his education by studying to receive his bachelor’s in Digital Cinematography and his master’s in Film and Production, and Paula plans to obtain her doctorate in public history. There is so much more in store... Gavin and Paula acknowledge that there's still so much to explore, learn, and gain in this field, and they have surrendered to the call.

To find out more about The Kellys, their projects, and In The Shadows Entertainment Group, visit their website at You can also subscribe to their YouTube channel @ITSEGProductionStudios, and follow them on TikTok @gavinthefilmmaker and Instagram @intheshadowsentertainmentgroup.

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