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Premier Paranormal Researchers Ghosts of Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Georgia is renowned for its paranormal history, with numerous hauntings and unexplained phenomena reported throughout the state. Many of these stories date back centuries and include tales of apparitions, mysterious creatures, and a plethora of other strange occurrences and events. As author Kenneth Sullivan once wrote, "Georgia has a rich supernatural past that extends far beyond the stories and legends. It is a place of wonder and mystery, where the human mind encounters the unexplainable and the unimaginable."

Founder and Director Ed is backed by a dedicated team of paranormal investigators with experience ranging from seven to 18 years, with the exception of their newest member. The team includes Assistant Director and researcher Brian Daffern, and investigators Beth Peters, Larry and Melinda Conley, Christie and Chris Bradley, Shannon Brown, and Cynthia Fuller. Every one of them is a skeptic who follows the data, regardless of whether it points toward a normal cause or toward a paranormal cause. Clients are informed if alternative explanations are found to explain the experiences, and if paranormal explanations are found, clients are advised how to handle them. "We are people from different walks of life brought together with the same interest in finding the truth of what is occurring, whether it be paranormal or not. We are all volunteers with normal jobs such as secretaries, photographers, lawyers, firefighters, police officers, warehouse workers, computer technicians, and various other jobs," explains Ed.

Ghosts of Georgia specialize in the ghosts and spirits aspect of the paranormal. By working with other paranormal teams, they exchange information that may be helpful to themselves and others, often consulting with others that specialize in certain paranormal fields when their own team cannot pinpoint an explanation for an occurrence. Confidentiality and professionalism are of the utmost importance to the team, as is conducting investigations non-judgmentally, with an open mind, following the evidence only. They strive to find logical, scientific explanations for the occurrences they investigate and are committed to discovering the truth, no matter what. They also strive to protect the privacy of those affected by the paranormal events and to provide support and comfort to those in need.

It is beneficial to both the investigator's team and their clients to operate within the law and observe safety protocols. Thus, neither seances nor Ouija boards are used, which have been criticized for their controversial nature and potential for harm. Instead, they use more scientific methods, such as digital voice recorders, digital video recorders, digital cameras, and EMF detectors to detect unusual activity. As needed, they can refer their clients to someone who can perform house cleansings or exorcisms.

In addition to private residences and businesses throughout Georgia and neighboring states, the team investigates public locations throughout the Eastern U.S., including Civil War prisons and forts, sanatoriums, and museums. As part of their mission to educate the public about the paranormal, they give presentations to libraries, senior citizen programs, and radio shows. The Public Relations department of Athens Clarke County Government has asked them to investigate locations to help people understand the activity that occurs in some of their public buildings.

While the team members have experienced many paranormal activities including direct communication with spirits, shadow figures, apparitions, objects moving, and so forth, there are two experiences that stand out for Ed. One is an investigation at Fort Morgan. "While most of the team was at our base we heard two loud booms and the concrete room we were in shook. One investigator outside felt a concussive air blast. We found out the room was under the turrets for the biggest guns used at the fort," he recalls. "The second experience is when I got sick while investigating St. Albans Sanatorium [Radford, Virginia]. I became nauseated while investigating, which is one way I feel the presence of energy. I went outside to get away from the energy so I would feel better but continued to get sicker. While the team I was with was still investigating, they got a voice over the spirit box saying “Ed did it”. Apparently that came across at the same time I had vomited. One investigator came out to check on me and told me what had happened. I was unable to continue and the second team that investigated the same area asked what happened to me and they got the response of food poisoning and from shrimp over the spirit box. I did eat shrimp before starting the investigation and stayed sick for two days. While in St. Albans I never mentioned eating shrimp."

Ghosts of Georgia plans to continue its presentations to help people better understand the paranormal.

"Investigating the paranormal is an ever-evolving and learning experience. We strive to continue our education by exchanging information with other teams, reading paranormal material and keeping up with current investigative methods and equipment. We go to seminars and places where we can test new equipment and new methods of investigation. We want to continue to give our clients the best investigation possible. This will help them understand what is going on so they will not be fearful in their own homes."

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