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Premier Paranormal Researchers Georgina Paranormal Society

There are many terrifying ghost stories and real-life hauntings in Ontario that are so strange and unusual they make even the eeriest paranormal show seem tame in comparison to what can be found in the province.

Throughout her 41 years in the paranormal field, Ontarian Lynda Quirino has encountered countless cases of unexplained phenomena. As an 18-year-old college student in Montreal, she began investigating the paranormal, and she continued until 1986, when she relocated to Toronto. After working primarily on her own from 1986 to 1996, she became Assistant Director of the Toronto Ghosts and Hauntings Research Society in 1997. Since leaving TGHRS in 2003, Lynda has worked "freelance" in the field, investigating, and researching local cases. Lynda realized a paranormal team was very much needed after giving a presentation on ghosts and hauntings at the town library in Georgina, Ontario, where she now lives. She founded the Georgina Paranormal Society in 2012. Lynda is currently the Executive Director of the Georgina Paranormal Society and appears on the television show "Paranormal Survivor". She has been on countless paranormal podcasts, radio shows, and local television shows in Georgina, Ontario, Canada, where she now hosts a cable lifestyle show. Her lectures and presentations on the paranormal are given to various organizations across the country.

Joining Lynda in her paranormal research with the Georgina Paranormal Society are Assistant Director Sherry Proteau and tech expert/investigator and new member Katelyn "Katie" Moore. Sherry has always been intrigued by the paranormal and the unexplained. She gained an interest in what is on the other side as a result of many personal experiences growing up. Story-sharing and collaborative discussions are Katie's favorite ways to connect with others. Dedicated to helping those in need, she is self-motivated and compassionate. Such traits are characteristic of a successful paranormal investigator.

Despite what people see on paranormal television and in the field, GPS believes that many of the tools needed for a successful, solid investigation are not totally necessary. The "grassroots" team owns all their own equipment, and most don't have the financial capability to purchase expensive equipment. The most reliable evidence can often be obtained using simple things - compasses instead of EMF detectors (which can fail or provide false information depending on the atmosphere), light-up cat toys instead of expensive motion equipment, and our own gut reactions and instincts are the most valuable. Their natural equipment - ears, eyes, noses, bodies - is the most effective. Although they all have some impressive modern equipment for obtaining evidence for clients (digital cameras, voice recorders, spirit boxes), they rely on their instincts and senses when they enter a location, especially during a preliminary walk-through.

The Georgina Paranormal Society is looking forward to forging ahead with more public paranormal experience events in 2023, inviting the public to experience locations where purported hauntings occur or have occurred, enabling them to immerse themselves in the atmosphere. Simply being present often makes it possible for attendees to feel or understand what people must have felt. There are many incredible locations in the Georgina area, and the team is currently collecting stories and lists to plan some amazing tours.

For information on attending one of GPS events or to learn more about their research, visit or follow them on Facebook @Georgina Paranormal Society and Twitter @GeorginaGhosts.

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