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Premier Paranormal Researchers Georgia Paranormal Investigations

Georgia is well known for its peaches, southern hospitality, and for being the birthplace of some of the most influential figures in history. However, it was also the headquarters of the Confederate Army, the location of many bloody battles, the burning of the city of Atlanta, as well as countless other turbulent events throughout history. It is no surprise that a state with so much tragedy also has its share of lost souls, spirits that are unable to let go of the past, and poltergeists that continue to haunt the cities they once called home.

Founded by both Philip Wyatt and Aaron Le Good, Georgia Paranormal Investigations (GPI) is dedicated to demystifying the supernatural and reducing fear of the unexplained. GPI investigates paranormal activity in homes and businesses that report what appear to be unexplained phenomena. It is the team's perspective that unexplained phenomena, such as 'ghosts' and 'hauntings', often cause stress and discomfort. By utilizing scientific methods and equipment, the team seeks to document and identify the causes of the activity, including any possible physical and self-explanatory explanations, such as high electromagnetic fields present, or any other legitimate explanations, in order to distinguish between the explainable and the unexplainable.

In order to investigate reports of possible paranormal activity, it is necessary to possess a specific skill set and mentality, along with an array of skills and characteristics: skepticism, belief, the desire to find facts, logic and critical thinking, a calm attitude during stressful situations, a profound sense of compassion for others, and an unending sense of curiosity. The members of the GPI team are those individuals; each of them has undergone a comprehensive paranormal training program.

Philip and Aaron are joined by several highly qualified and experienced members of the team, including psychic mediums, scholars, UFO and UAP experts, tech professionals, and historians. Among them are Michelle Barker, Stephanie Elgaydi, Derek Graham, James King, Kelly Ladd, Simon Le Good, Michelle Panyik, Gerry Tosone, Amie Watkins, and Victoria Woolf. It is a rigorous yet rewarding process to become a GPI member, which involves a 10-page application and an 87-page training manual. For the team, clients, and the community, it is imperative that all members are thoroughly trained and competent. "Our training program primarily consists of three parts which include the reading and review of our extensive training manual, hands-on training with all equipment the team uses on investigations, and on going training of new paranormal research techniques and equipment."

During the investigation process, GPI does its due diligence in pre-investigation research. In addition to investigating the history of the property and its surroundings, they note any factors that may be involved such as nearby train lines, power lines, and cemeteries. But not all team members want to have any prior knowledge of the case. To avoid preconceptions, psychic members sometimes prefer to "go in blind" to a property, but they have strict protocols about how their perceptions are recorded. Information they receive through their abilities is not considered evidence unless it can be substantiated. Using environmentally responsive equipment is the most widely accepted method. But they must work further to eliminate as many false positives as possible with the equipment they have. "No piece of equipment exists that can detect whether a spirit person is present."

GPI has devised an experiment involving five laminated 8x10 cards that are numbered and color coded, each bearing a different shape of which a spirit person could recognize one or more features: either a shape, number, or color. Team members place each card on a table with one or more pieces of reactive equipment and ask any spirit(s) present questions in order to elicit a response in which the spirit will activate the equipment on the particular card and establish a pattern of communication. "Patterns of communication are very important evidence. Knocks on walls during an investigation are always exciting, but two knocks are a coincidence, and three are a pattern."

"We will also prepare a video presentation of the evidence. Any EVPs will be numbered. We do not label what we think the EVP says. Each EVP is replayed twice and the replays have been amplified and slowed down approximately 20 to 30%.We do not alter the pitch or clean up the "noise" in any way. We may list what we think the EVPs sayin the report but we ask the client to review the video first and write down what they think it says, then compare it to our list. EVPs are confirmed on a digital spectrograph. When we email the client their report we include a link to the evidence video which we store on our Google Dropbox. We will schedule a Zoom meeting with the client to go over their report if they choose. Some want to discuss it and some are happy with just the report."

In 2020, when all paranormal conventions were being cancelled due to the pandemic, Philip founded "Ghost Education 101" on Facebook, with his friend Heather Leigh Landon, which hosts educational presentations and informative discussion panels from some of the leading experts in the field. There are over 50 video presentations available, ranging from the basics to advanced topics. Philip has also designed an ITC app, developed by Jonathan Galloway, for Philip's ITC Group. It was developed as a paranormal research tool for use in instrumental trans-communication research which has been designed to be as clear as possible for ease of understanding and listening. The app does not contain whole words and the sound bank includes inhuman or altered voices. Every effort has been made to remove any misleading sounds that could give false positive responses through extensive testing with reputable paranormal teams.

GPI was recently invited to return to the Lotz House in Franklin TN for a second investigation, following up on the success it achieved there last May. As ground zero for the Battle of Franklin, the Lotz House was the site of unimaginable violence and is now reportedly the “Second-Most Terrifying Place in America”, according to the Travel Channel. The follow-up investigation did not disappoint and produced several unexplained photographs and EVPs as well as attracting the attention of the local newspaper, The Williamson Herald. Based on the investigation, it was apparent that Lotz House welcomed the GPI team and their attention to its spiritual plight.

For more information on Georgia Paranormal Investigations' innovative research methods, visit their website at or follow them on Facebook @GeorgiaParanormalInvestigations and subscribe to their YouTube channel @georgiaparanormalinvestiga22i6.

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