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Premier Paranormal Researchers Friends of the Other Side (FOTOS)

Friends of the Other Side (FOTOS) co-founders Carolee Jackson and Jennifer Hoeft certainly possess the qualities necessary to conduct an effective investigation into a para-world, often unseen: lifelong experience, critical thinking, and the inquisitive spirit that motivates them and the rest of the team to look for evidence and answers. It was only a matter of time before the other three members of their dream team soon joined them, leading FOTOS on the path to discovery of the true nature of this universe.

During the planning stages for the business and discussion of a name, Friends of the Other Side was revealed to Carolee while in meditation along with a feather from her Spirit Guide. FOTOS is a compelling blend of skeptics and believers with an abundance of personal experiences with the paranormal, giving them an insightful edge in their research. The team prefers a kinder, friendlier, more compassionate, and empathic approach with respect for Spirit and client alike.

The "Friends of the Other Side" Paranormal Investigation and Consulting agency has been investigating paranormal activity since its first organized meeting in February of 2013. The scope of their interests and curiosities extends beyond the spirit realms to include subjects like ufology, cryptozoology, paranormal phenomena, place memories, consciousness, and metaphysics. Some of their notable investigations include the Phoenix Orpheum Theater and Noftsger Hill Inn, and the team conducts numerous private residence investigations, often yielding an impressive amount of video evidence and inexplicable footage. The team, also, enjoys visiting and investigating historical sites throughout the southwest and other states.

Their team uses scientific equipment, but they are also proud to have members who possess the gift of a "sixth sense" enabling them to communicate with and obtain information from the Other Side. As part of their attempt to understand paranormal activity holistically, they combine that information data they have obtained using their technical equipment.

Although Friends of the Other Side would love to have evidence of genuine communication with the Other Side, they do recognize that most instances of "paranormal" activity can be explained by a much simpler explanation than what might be considered supernatural. They are able to rule out naturally occurring events that may be mistaken for paranormal activity. This is done by using established protocols and their knowledge of scientific fields such as psychology and physics. Above all else, the team strives to communicate with all beings with whom they come into contact in a respectful and empathic way. Additionally, the group welcomes the opportunity to educate people about the paranormal and to decrease their fears about the unknown by providing accurate information about it.

The Friends of the Other Side Paranormal team dutifully provides free paranormal investigations to their community. It is an honor for them to be invited into clients' homes or businesses to investigate paranormal claims, and they are grateful that clients trust them to provide honest and evidence-based opinions. The protection of privacy, confidentiality, and security is paramount to FOTOS. Aside from their paranormal pursuits, FOTOS advocates for animal welfare and encourages others to do the same. A few of their favorite charities are the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, UT, the Arizona Animal Welfare League and SPCA in Phoenix, AZ, and Little Rascals Rescue also based in Phoenix.

To learn more about Friends of the Other Side (FOTOS) and to show them your support, please visit or email them at


Carolee Jackson is a Spiritual Medium, Hedgewitch, Artist, Paranormal Investigator and Paranormal Researcher with over 40 years of experience. Born with the gift of sensing, she has been communicating with the Other Side, Spirit Guides, and the Angelic Realm since childhood. Carolee began investigating paranormal phenomena in 1975 after renting a poltergeist-infested flat with a co-worker in Wyandotte, Michigan. With decades of first-hand paranormal experience, including ghosts, poltergeists, diabolical entities, and observing UAP and UFO activity, she keeps busy with other seasoned investigators and her adventure-loving friends in Friends of the Other Side Paranormal Investigation.

Artist Jennifer Hoeft has a background in psychology and an interest in history. In addition to perception, consciousness, memory, and trauma, she has been interested in the interaction between the human psyche and the paranormal. Jen began searching for like-minded individuals with whom she could research, and in 2013 co-founded FOTOS.

For more than a decade, Fallon Franzen has investigated the paranormal. As an intuitive, she receives subconscious paranormal imagery while in a meditative state. With her cultivated skills of intuitive drawing, she creates detailed depictions of messages from the other side.

Reggie "Mars" McFadden, born in Chicago, IL, embraced the "unusual" at a very early age. With an education in science and technology, and experience as an electrical engineer and contractor, he founded a company specializing in historic restoration and preservation of old homes. As a result, Reggie experienced numerous paranormal events in historical Hollywood homes and other locations nationwide. A poltergeist experience in the San Fernando Valley, California inspired him to pursue paranormal research and scientific investigation. For many years, it was a solo venture before he moved to Phoenix and met the other FOTOS members. Reggie believes most are unaware of the unseen world until it impacts them profoundly.

Despite initially being scared by an encounter with the paranormal as a child, Greg Ellis found the experience intriguing. His sense of spirit activity, sensations, and energies have developed since then. It was this experience that sparked Greg's lifelong interest in the unknown and the unexplained. His other interests include history, ancient cultures, belief systems, and human interactions. Greg feels privileged to have been accepted as a member of FOTOS from the beginning.

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