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Premier Paranormal Researchers Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation / Indian River Hauntings

The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation/Indian River Hauntings is a team of paranormal investigators who are passionate about studying paranormal phenomena in the Treasure Coast region of Florida. The team was founded in 2010 by a group of educators, law enforcement professionals, and other individuals with a shared interest in investigating claims of the paranormal. Since then, they have conducted numerous investigations, offering free lectures, tours, and public investigations.

Indian River Hauntings is the team's outreach arm, which has been conducting historical ghost tours in Vero Beach, Sebastian, and Fellsmere, Florida, since 2016. Their focus is on introducing guests to the rich history of the Treasure Coast of Florida, as well as the paranormal activity that permeates the area. The team has also conducted benefit events for several organizations in the community, including the Indian River Historical Society and the Sunrise Theater Foundation of Ft. Pierce.

The FBPI employs a structured approach to evidence collection similar to that of law enforcement investigations. The team assigns roles to its members, breaks into teams to provide appropriate coverage, and follows specific protocols for pre-investigation, primary investigation, and post-investigation. All evidence is stored safely in the cloud and other mediums to ensure its preservation. The client or their representative is present during the investigation to review the findings and evidence.

The team has had many notable experiences in the field, including recording a clear voice phenomenon (VP) of a child's voice responding to a question during an investigation at the Old School in Fellsmere, Florida. The apparition of a lady in purple captured on a guest's cell phone during an event at the Marsh Landing Restaurant in Fellsmere is also one of the team's favorite events. Waldo's Secret Garden, a wedding venue in Vero Beach and the home of one of the area's founding fathers, has provided numerous pieces of evidence from EVPs, SLS camera hits, and names on spirit boxes that have been corroborated by historical research.

FBPI's method of investigation sets them apart from others. They take a systematic and consistent approach to preserve the evidence found during an investigation, and they prioritize communicating their findings to the clients. They do not charge any fees for their investigations and do it as a service to those in need. They are passionate about studying paranormal phenomena and are open to hearing from individuals who have had experiences that they believe need to be researched and explained. The team's Director has over 40 years of law enforcement experience. The team also has other retired law enforcement officers and firefighters. This background has created the foundation by which the FBPI conducts their investigations , just as if it were a police investigation.

Paranormal investigation is an important area of research that can help us understand phenomena that have plagued humanity for centuries. The Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation/Indian River Hauntings is a team that is passionate about this research and has made significant contributions to the field. The team's website,, and social media pages are a great resource for those interested in their work. As the famous writer Arthur C. Clarke once said, "The supernatural is only the natural, not yet understood." The FBPI is committed to understanding and explaining these phenomena, and their dedication is worth supporting.

You can find FBPI on Facebook under the Florida Bureau of Paranormal Investigation (@Ghostguy59) and Indian River Hauntings (@indianriverhauntings), as well as on YouTube (@indianriverhauntings2341). Alternatively, you can visit their websites at and

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