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Premier Paranormal Researchers Flatline Paranormal

Ah, Midwestern America. It's a region of unique beauty and culture. From the great lakes to the rolling hills and vast farmlands, the Midwest has something to offer everyone. It's a place where people come together in friendly communities and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Sometimes, those simple pleasures are a bit unconventional. Ghost hunting has become a popular activity in the Midwest, as the region is home to numerous haunted houses, cemeteries, and other mysterious locations. People come from all over the world to experience the spooky atmosphere of the Midwest, and many come away with their own stories of the paranormal. It's become a tradition for many to visit the Midwest for a unique and thrilling experience. It's also an opportunity to connect with others who share the same interests and learn more about the history and legends of the area. Some people even take part in organized ghost hunts and paranormal investigations to further explore the mystery of the Midwest.

his enthusiasm for the para-normal. It became exhaust-ing to try to promote the team in residential areas. As a result, he retired in 2012. Long-time friend Jeremy York contacted him about rejoining T.H.I.N.G.S. after a long break, and Scott agreed - as long as Jeremy would record a podcast with him. It was a surprise for Jeremy, but he accepted it. Thus, The 13th Dimension podcast was born. As Scott's health began to deteriorate and Jeremy had been in a serious accident at work, he stepped away from the paranormal once again in 2022. But clearly he wasn’t done because his kids Matthew, Devin, Ayden and Jenna (ages 26, 22, 18, and 17) wanted to be on a paranormal team with him, and in late 2022, he brought back Flatline Paranormal. His mentor and good friend Chris Daniel also joined the Flatline team.

Scott Wilson began investigating the paranormal in 2007 as part of a group called G.H.O.S.T. (founded by Bart Berry and Chris Daniel). Following the retirement of Chris and Bart in late 2008, Scott and friends Will Frye and Stan Alred formed the Indiana Apparitions Sightings Team (I.A.S.T.). Scott enjoyed it, but Will had to leave due to work and the team just wasn't doing many investigations. After bringing on a few new people, Scott changed the name to Flatline Paranormal. As the hobby turned into more of a job, he lost Based on the location and the history available, Flatline conducts its research. To avoid being too influenced before heading to a location, the team avoids getting too much information beforehand. Each member brings a different approach to locations, from old school to new school. A camera, a digital voice recorder, a video camera, spinning fidget spinners, triggering toys and music, and using FLIR and a personal body camera for POV footage are all potential tools used, and debunking misleading evidence is always the first priority. In Scott's opinion, having a variety of ages gives the team an advantage because if a location has children, having younger team members makes communicating with them easier.

As of January 2023, Scott has been hosting his own podcast called The Paranormal Jackazz, in which he discusses anything and everything paranormal with a twist of comedy. The podcast's motto is: "If you're not laughing, you're not living." He also plans to bring back hosting paranormal investigation nights when anyone in the community can participate, learn about the equipment used, and learn the basics of investigation or ghost hunting. "A paranormal camp for beginners," as Scott describes it.

One of the team's objectives for the near future will be incorporating creative and innovative methods on how to interact with the paranormal and "fear challenges" (Ayden’s suggestion). They want to see how they react to certain situations so we can educate people in the future. The team will also return to Waverly Hills. "Investigating there is exciting and overwhelming," Scott explains. "It never disappoints. We will always go there, and it is also where we will hold the camp."

On Facebook @ "The Paranormal Jackazz Podcast" and "Flatline Paranormal".

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