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Premier Paranormal Researchers East Coast Coalition of Paranormal Investigators

Providing free and confidential service to Massachusetts, Rhode Island,

and surrounding areas.

There can be no doubt that Rhode Island has a legendary level of paranormal activity considering the state is famous for being the birthplace of HP Lovecraft, who is considered the "Father of Modern Horror," as well as Edgar Allen Poe's most beloved haunt. The US East Coast region itself seems to hold a special kind of hospitability about it that attracts the supernatural and creates an incubation ground for the unexplained.

David Butterworth and Joe White founded the East Coast Coalition of Paranormal Investigators in Massachusetts in September 2017. A year earlier, they worked together in a now disbanded team. However, both founders wanted to continue investigating the paranormal and helping clients. Together, they purchased basic equipment, though at the beginning of 2019, Joe stepped away, leaving David to manage ECCPI on his own. Since then, the team has grown to 16 members including two military veterans, spread across four states, with two additional managers: Tammy White and Michael Rhilinger, a veteran and former corrections officer who also works closely with the VA in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The team is vitally dependent on Tammy White and Joannie Tetlow, sisters-in-law, and lifelong friends. Their paranormal experience spans 20+ years, helping people across Massachusetts and New Hampshire. As a gifted clairvoyant, Tammy helped Joannie develop her empathic abilities. This powerful duo adds a spiritual dimension to a scientific team. ECCPI often asks Tammy and Joannie for advice on where cameras should be placed. Their recommendations tend to capture some of our most interesting statistics. Joannie and Tammy lead the cleansings and are key to their success. Additionally, Joannie and her husband devised customized equipment to be used by the team. They have created a number of devices that are currently being tested by ECCPI, including EMF Pumps, REM PODS, and static SLS cameras that can be plugged in and run for the entirety of the investigation. They are currently working on different styles of paranormal music boxes that the team looks forward to testing in the field. This is why ECCPI has some of the most experimental devices in the field and will continue to innovate technology to aid in clients' inquiries.

An investigation of a home in western Massachusetts was conducted in 2021 after ECCPI invested in a 4K LOREX DVR. In the coming months, this home was scheduled for renovation and had been used to house the homeless. It was reported that footsteps were heard, shadows were seen, voices were heard, and an apparition of a dog was seen. Several members reported personal experiences during the setup of the investigation. During the team's typical end-of-setup meeting, they were unaware that one of the new cameras had captured a shadow figure on the stairs appearing to go over the banister and down towards the first floor as pictured [PHOTO PLACEMENT NEAR HERE]. During the review, they were able to see this shadow and were amazed at what they saw. They returned to investigate a few months later to attempt to recreate and debunk the shadow, to no avail. It is one of their proudest captures to date, which they have shown to many colleagues in the field. This video can be found on their Facebook page.

David has been researching paranormal phenomena for 13 years. Like many others in the field, David was inspired by the original Ghost Hunters show. He began investigating his childhood home at 16 with a voice recorder and EMF detector. Having experienced paranormal activity in his own home, he felt compelled to investigate. In fact, when the activity began to torment his younger sister, he sought to figure out why and how. When David was 12 years old, the sound of windchimes in his room woke him up in the middle of the night, at which time, he saw a full body apparition of what appeared to be a civil war soldier staring out the window. This image has been engraved in his memories and has served as further motivation to find answers. It is the mission of the East Coast Coalition of Paranormal Investigators to make everyone in the Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Connecticut region feel safe in their homes, and to let them know that they are not alone.

As a result of David's experiences, he now helps others who are experiencing the paranormal. Despite his strong belief in the paranormal, David approaches every location with a skeptic's mindset. Clients are more likely to be at ease if he can find a logical reason for a reported activity. However, David's scientific approach to investigating makes evidence that cannot be explained that much more intriguing.

For more information, visit ECCPI at, subscribe to their YouTube channel @eastcoastcoalitionofparano5341, and follow them on Facebook @eccpi.

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