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The Brotherhood of Ghost Hunters

Throughout the years, reports and retellings of hauntings have persisted in Delaware, leaving some wondering why such stories have been repeated so often. One look at their government archives and you will find that Delaware is filled with ghost stories from New Castle to Sussex. These stories are not just confined to houses. There are stories of ghosts on roads, beaches, and in forests... The 1,982 square miles of The First State are overflowing with mystery that begs to be researched, and who better to do so than the Delaware Paranormal Research Group?

DPRG began to form, slowly, in 2009 as finding quality members proved to be challenging. Director Robin Strom-Mackey had been an investigator with another, now-defunct, group before venturing out on her own. In her quest to research the paranormal, investigation was only one part of the equation. In 2008, she began researching and writing articles about the paranormal for her blog at Having gathered a decade's worth of knowledge about paranormal topics for her blog, she decided to publish her first book, "Anatomy of a Ghost; A Guide to Analyzing the Dead." In addition to covering the predominant theories about spirits, this book also discusses topics related to paranormal phenomena, including Near Death Experiences, Out of Body Experiences, After Death Communications, shadow people and tulpas, for example. It was followed very closely by her second book, “On the Hunt for the Haunted; Searching for Proof of the Paranormal”, which chronicles the DPRG team’s more notable investigations.

Robin's ideal teammates began to materialize as she scouted out individuals willing to participate for more than the thrill of the ghost hunt and who didn't mind rolling up their sleeves and getting to the nitty gritty research and the hard work it often demands. Collin came aboard first. He had worked alongside Robin in the previous group, and he shared her skeptical point of view. Although he lived on the West Coast, the technological era allowed them to share files, and it was their great fortune that Collin enjoyed reviewing evidence. Marie Williamsen joined in 2018. She’d been on another team prior to moving to Delaware. She also has a keen interest in the sciences and how they might contribute to paranormal experiences. Dave Sadler became a member in 2020 when Robin was recruiting for a very large investigation. As DPRG's newest member, he still has that fresh enthusiasm. Many others have come and gone over the years, and while the team may seem very small in comparison to other groups, small groups are very helpful for reducing human contamination during investigations.

DPRG uses scientific methods to either debunk or prove paranormal activity, which makes them different from other groups you may see on TV or YouTube. Neither a ghost box nor a Kinect system will be found in the team's kit bags. They don’t employ devices that are prone (or even guaranteed) to provide false positives. Instead, they use devices that monitor several environmental factors, including temperature, electromagnetic fields, barometric pressure, humidity, and vibrations. Additionally, they use high-quality audio and video recording devices throughout the buildings to capture the entire investigation. While the television teams and the YouTubers are done when the investigation is done, that’s when the DPRG team is only starting to gear up for a couple of months of thorough evaluation.

Every feed, audio, and video are reviewed by the team from start to finish. If something happens for which they cannot account, they will cross-reference the event with their environmental data. To rule out human contamination, they meticulously log details so they can account for where team members are in the building at any given time. There's no doubt it's a backbreaking, mind-numbing job.

The amount of time they spend on each investigation limits the number of investigations they can conduct. The team has investigated high profile locations including Fort Delaware, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, the Octagon Mansion, First State Military Academy, the White Swan Tavern, and the Atlantic Hotel. Additionally, they handle residential cases. Indeed, some of the most valuable evidence that the team has ever collected over the years has been in private homes that no one has ever heard about. Their clients' confidentiality is of utmost importance to them.

Though Robin is working on a system that requires less work, such as real-time evidence reviews, it's impossible to deny that what the team captures in those static feeds is often quite impressive. The EVP's the team has documented over the years are undeniably some of the most impressive ever recorded. Additionally, they have captured disembodied voices and once a full-bodied apparition that spoke to them. Much of their evidence can be viewed on the team’s YouTube channel at Delaware Paranormal Research Group. Robin has written two books about her findings in her paranormal research and investigation, "Anatomy of a Ghost; A Guide to Analyzing the Dead" and "On the Hunt for the Haunted; Searching for Proof of the Paranormal", which chronicles many of the team's more noteworthy investigations.

To learn more about Delaware Paranormal Research Group, you can visit them at and You may also reach out to them via email at and follow them on social media: Facebook @delawareparanormal and Instagram @deparanormalresearch.

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