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Premier Paranormal Researchers AZ Spirit Hunters

"Healing is the way of the future"

Paranormal and supernatural accounts are abundant in Arizona; enough compelling evidence to convince even the staunchest skeptic. People in Arizona report a variety of paranormal experiences, such as sightings of UFOs, ghosts, cryptids, and other strange phenomena. There are also numerous reports of people experiencing supernatural events, such as telepathic communication, psychokinesis, and other unexplainable phenomena. Additionally, many people have video and audio recordings of their experiences, as well as eyewitness accounts from reliable sources, which provide further evidence of these strange and unexplained occurrences.

Teams like Arizona Spirit Hunters (ASH) with Nichole "Nikki" Collins are here to assist those who have witnessed paranormal activity by further investigating events, corroborating the reports, and simply trying to determine the truth. By combining advanced technology, such as infrared cameras and electromagnetic field meters, with traditional ghost-hunting techniques, such as interviews and research into the area's history, the teams are able to provide a thorough investigation and analysis of the reported paranormal activity. This is similar to putting together a puzzle, with each technique providing different pieces of the picture until the entire story can be seen.

ASH was founded in 2013 with three members: Nichole, her husband Michael Collins, and Michael's sister, Kylie Collins. Michael keeps the team grounded with his firm skepticism, while Kylie is empathetic and kind, as well as equally skeptical and believing. Nichole is a believer who is sensitive and clairvoyant, and her senses allow her to hear lower frequencies and detect small changes in the environment. When

working as a team, this blend of personalities creates a nice sense of balance. Michael's skepticism helps to ensure that they are not taken advantage of or mistaken. Kylie's empathy and kindness allow them to make decisions with the needs and interests of others in mind. Nichole's sensitivity and clairvoyance help them to understand the natural energy of their environment and make decisions accordingly. Together, they are able to use their different strengths to create a balanced approach when tackling any situation.

ASH's favorite techniques include the Ganzfeld experiment with a spirit box, audio recordings, still picture cameras, and Ghoststop devices. They enter each investigation having created protective shields of visualized light encompassing the whole group. "Growing up I started my interests when I was about 10, I dabbled in seances and Ouija boards. It was my crash course to becoming a believer and I learned respect for the paranormal. Watching the series Ghost Hunters taught me technique

and about equipment. I spent most of my youth learning how to ghost hunt, finding old buildings and sharing ghost stories with neighbors," Nichole explains. "When I moved to Arizona in 2009, I continued ghost hunting and started teaching my friends methods and equipment. My goals during that time were the thrill of the experience and to normalize paranormal knowledge." Their focus has evolved beyond simply educating to understanding and hopefully healing.

Nichole has grown more empathetic towards the paranormal and believes the ghosts they encounter are likely trapped by their own emotional pain and confusion. They may need assistance finding healing after a difficult life or event. As the famous American writer William Faulkner once wrote: “The past is never dead. It's not even past.” This belief reflects the idea that the trauma and pain of the past can linger and manifest in unexpected ways. For example, if a ghost is being trapped by a traumatic event from their past life that they haven't been able to process or move on from, helping them find healing and understanding can help them move on and find peace. Mike Orewyler, who had done his own investigations in his life, met with ASH in 2015. Specter Quest Paranormal was born that same year as a result of their partnership. In total, Specter Quest consists of seven members: Michael Collins, Mike Orewyler, Cassidy Orewyler, Nichole Collins, Ron Spada, Kylie Collins, and Veralynn Orewyler. With three members in Arizona, two in Nevada, and two in California, this is a triple-state team. One of the driving forces behind the project is Mike, the technical equipment guy. Cassidy has a knack for debunking questionable situations and is sharp as a tack. Cameraman Ron is fantastic at being a clown while remaining calm. Finally, Veralynn is a sensitive who is undergoing psychic training to open her clairvoyant abilities. Aside from healing, ASH's goals with Specter Quest are growth and networking. In 2021 they were invited to Saginaw, Michigan, where they investigated the Court Street Theatre with Steve Shippy of Haunted Saginaw on Amazon Prime. It was their first time being filmed for a platform. Investigator Michael Orewyler is now busy working on more projects with Shippy and has appeared in a few films. Nichole receives periodic calls for assistance with private investigations and is happy to give advice freely to anyone in need of help. To find out more about this talented team and their work, Nichole can be reached at

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