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Premier Paranormal Researchers Arizona Paranormal Investigation & Research Society (AZPIRS)

Originally from NJ, Vinnie’s first investigation took place in 1978, assisting a family tormented by paranormal activity. Then, prior to founding AZ Paranormal Investigations & Research Society in 2012 with wife, Pam, Vinnie joined a few paranormal groups to meet people and research locations in the state he now calls home, Arizona. While his own interest was helping people, he found himself surrounded by the sensationalism of “ghost hunting” and thrill-seeking. His core team eventually emerged after years of weeding out numerous candidates.

The goal at AZPIRS is to offer clients some clarity or a direction to follow by finding answers to their questions. All members of the team have experienced paranormal activity personally. Because they have lived it, they understand.

Using both science and intuition, the team includes believers as well as skeptics, which allows them to offer a unique perspective. The investigators maintain objectivity throughout the investigation and are not influenced by what is claimed.

Vinnie's experience in the paranormal field for over 40 years inspired him to make quality paranormal investigation gear more affordable to the public. Subsequently, he established the Ghost Hunters Outlet in 2013 as an authorized distributor for the most prominent industry manufacturers. Ghost Hunters Outlet is the exclusive distributor for custom products from Paranormal Research & Development.

Fast forward to 2018, Vinnie and AZPIRS begin fundraising for the upkeep and restoration of their favorite, local historical societies: the Gila County Jail in Globe, AZ and the Acadia Ranch Museum, home of the Oracle Historical Society. The team currently works with nine museums and historical sites.

Today, AZPIRS's six companies make up The Paranormal Group, which recently hosted the Ghosts of Globe ParaCon in Globe, AZ, an event celebrating ParaUnity and in support of Arizona historical sites. The event raised over $3,500 this year and will be held again on April 22nd, 2023. The company has a $1000000.00 liability insurance policy and has plans for releasing a directory in 2023 to help people find a team or tour group. Members will also save up to 25% on ghost hunting gear.

The Team


As a child, over 55 years ago, he experienced his first paranormal experience, and he has been searching for an answer to the question: Why? Over the course of more than four decades, he has been conducting research and investigating the paranormal. As always, he conducts his investigations with the utmost respect and integrity.


As a sensitive, Pam has experienced a fair amount of encounters and apparitions over the course of her life. It is Pam's wish to be of assistance to others with their experiences and to provide them with an opportunity to express what they experienced with an open mind. Pam is a Reiki 3 Master - Third Degree Reiki (Shinpiden)


As a sensitive, Karen has developed the proper discipline to investigate the paranormal with the appropriate level of diligence. By combining her extensive knowledge of the equipment used in the team's investigations with her understanding of proper investigating techniques, she brings unique insights to investigations. Rodger M. INVESTIGATOR

The qualities that make a competent investigator are integrity, respect, and passion. Rodger has all three in abundance. With everything he does, he brings the right attitude and positive energy to the table. As he seeks out the truth, Rodger employs a cognitive approach and draws inferences without bias with the intent of reaching the right conclusion.

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